Nightly News   |  March 30, 2014

An Inside Look at the Search for Flight MH370

See how authorities are trying to unravel the mystery behind the missing Malaysia Flight 370.

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>> holt: now more than three weeks in, and with a battery life on those critical black boxes now measured in days, the search for that malaysia airlines 777 is only intensifying tonight. as the sun breaks on what is now a monday morning in australia, a second u.s. navy plane is poised to join the international hunt for the wreckage of flight 370. this after searchers took advantage of improved flying weather today. while many families of the missing once again publicly directed their anger at malaysian government officials, a determined group of aviators pressed on over the indian ocean in a risky, wave-top search that today i.d.´d more potential clues to this tragic mystery. our bill neely was on board and witnessed some of the latest discoveries.

>> neely: early morning and hopes rise again with the search planes. they fly 1,000 miles and then begin another long day of scouring the ocean for anything. it´s week four, and so far not a single object they´ve seen can be linked to the missing plane. all eyes are on the ocean, and the visibility is clear. but one thing that´s also clear is how immense this search area is -- bigger than most states. suddenly, they spot something. the plane turns sharply, and they load up smoke flares, firing them to mark the location. but it´s a tree, not wreckage. up go the binoculars again.

>> adams: we owe it, i guess, to the families of everybody on board that aircraft. if we can provide some answers for them, we want to and we will.

>> neely: soon, another sighting. more promising. it´s big and looks like metal. they sweep past it, over and over . well, this is what they saw from 500 feet. now, the colors of the malaysian plane are red, blue, white, and gray, so you can see how that would have attracted attention, but it is, in fact, a fishing net . then, another sighting -- four objects, maybe more.

>> adams: they were orange in nature, between 33 meters in length. then we dropped a gps locator buoy in the area.

>> neely: what they see, ships will try to pick up and examine tomorrow. after 11 hours on this, the most intensive day of searching, rescue 103 returns, their piece of the puzzle done. but the mystery of flight 370 remains unsolved. bill neely , nbc news, perth, australia.