Nightly News   |  March 30, 2014

Families of Missing Passengers Angry at Malaysian Government

The family members of the passengers aboard Flight MH370 say the Malaysian government hasn’t provided enough information.

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>> tur: frustrated that they weren´t getting enough information in beijing, dozens of chinese family members of passengers on mh370 flew to malaysia on sunday and made their presence known immediately... [ indistinct shouting ] ...holding their own news conference, clutching banners and chanting, "we want the evidence. we want our relatives," demanding answers the malaysian government says they just don´t have.

>> man: [ speaking native language ]

>> tur: "we want them to apologize "for giving out confusing information "in the past week, which caused a delay in the search-and-rescue effort," said one man.

>> man: and the first thing we want is to get the truth and get our family back. that´s the most important thing.

>> tur: 23 days since mh370 went missing, and many of those whose loved ones are now lost refuse to accept the malaysian government ´s version of events, doubting the plane is even in the indian ocean . six days ago, malaysia´s prime minster said it was beyond any reasonable doubt the plane was lost and no one on board survived. but on saturday, these words from the malaysian transportation minister .

>> hussein: hope against hope. please, we will continue to find survivors.

>> tur: confusion that is only fueling their suspicion that the malaysian government either severely mishandled the search or is not being entirely forthcoming. and those chinese families will be going to a prayer vigil in a few hours. so far, the malaysian government hasn´t responded to them publicly. but, lester, they haven´t had their daily news conference, their daily new update, since friday.