Nightly News   |  March 30, 2014

One Day Left to Enroll in Obamacare

More than 6 million people have signed up for health insurance ahead of the looming deadline.

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>> holt: tomorrow is the official deadline for enrolling in a healthcare plan under the affordable care act . this weekend, one last effort to get people registered in a plan before the deadline at midnight tomorrow. more than 6 million people have enrolled since the program was launched six months ago, despite the disastrous rollout of the federal government´s website. nbc´s peter alexander takes a look at one state where volunteers are making that final push.

>> alexander: in huntsville, alabama , 20-year-old devon cross is part of a grassroots campaign to beat the healthcare clock.

>> cross: find out the most affordable coverage for you. sound good? >> man: sounds good.

>> alexander: he´s one of 600 student volunteers crisscrossing the state to enroll the uninsured here before the march 31st deadline. for people that are upset about obamacare, especially in a state like alabama , what do you say to them?

>> devon: "do you want help? do you want to be insured?"

>> alexander: they call themselves bama covered, taking their message to barbershops and free health clinics like this one, that can barely keep up with the number of uninsured adults who need care.

>> liss: healthcare is not a political issue. fundamentally, it´s about protecting your family.

>> alexander: new york native daniel liss left a dream job as a banker in london, late last year, to create bama covered.

>> liss: this isn´t about whether it´s a good or a bad law. this is about healthcare in your community. and there´s nothing more american than access to care.

>> alexander: liss says his volunteers have signed up more than 3,000 people. alabama isn´t exactly the easiest place to sell anything obama. as one of the most politically conservative states, alabama boasts some of obamacare´s most vocal opponents, including governor robert bentley .

>> bentley: the patient protection and affordable care act is everything but affordable.

>> alexander: with limited resources, liss is trying to accomplish on a local level what the administration is spending $52 million this year trying to do nationally.

>> james: so sign up now. you never know when you might take a hit.

>> alexander: let me see the office. liss has been working out of his used honda since december, racking up 1,000 miles a week.

>> liss: there, i keep my bag. what´s under here, got more flyers. and these are the water bottles, my toiletries. you can´t leave home without those.

>> peterson: you´re living out of this place. a personal campaign going down to the wire in the midst of a heated national debate. peter alexander , nbc news, huntsville, alabama .