Nightly News   |  April 01, 2014

Obama’s ‘Feisty’ Message to Republican Foes

Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd explains that there’s a lot we don’t know about the enrollment figures including the number of healthy young people who signed up.

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>>> across town in washington, late this afternoon at the white house , president obama stepped in to the rose garden for what was designed as an outdoor public victim ray lap to make the official announcement that 7.1 million americans have signed up for lhealth care under obama care. he conceded future fixes and tried to lay down a marker or two to critics. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd was there for us, he's there now from the north lawn . good evening.

>> good evening, brian. a sense of relief at the white house , considering where they started back in october with that rollout. there's a lot we don't know about these enrollment figures, including how many people were previously uninsured versus how many had coverage before this law. how manile conditiony young people signed up. if those ratios aren't good, then premiums for all of us could skyrocket next year. today the president was in a feisty mood against his republican foe.

>> in the end, history is it not kind to those who would deny americans their basic economic security . nobody remembers those who stands in the way of america's progress or our people. as messy as it's been sometimes, as contentious as it's been sometimes, it is progress.

>> reporter: republicans still believe an anti-obama care message is a political winner for them this year. but the white house wants to make sure democrats don't run away from health care , that's why you heard a fired up president today trying to set the tone for his own party. the question remains, will endangered democrats follow-up.

>> chuck todd at the white house for us. thanks.