Nightly News   |  April 01, 2014

Drama Unfolds on Eagle Cam

Not that long ago, the bald eagle was in danger. But now, in a giant nest five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, an eagle family is nesting.

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>>> finally tonight, a story out of pittsburgh , where for the first time in recorded history, the eagles are getting more attention than the steelers. that's because there's something special going on right now, it's all playing out live on the web. and it's being watched around the world. we get the story tonight from harry smith .

>> in debbie young's fifth grade class there's been an unmistakable air of anticipation.

>> it was exciting to see how the eggs hatchs.

>> you could see it was opening up and coming out.

>> for weeks the kids have been keeping an eye on a nest of bald eagles . eagles and their eggs. two eaglets have hatched in the last week, a third could hatch at any minute. the eagle family is in a giant nest just five miles from downtown pittsburgh . a big deal because naturalists say because of industrialization there haven't been bald eagles here in more than 200 years.

>> i think it says pittsburgh is a great place to live, both for humans and birds. if a place is good enough for birds to live in happily and healthily, you can be sure it's good for people as well.

>> the eaglecam went up in december. and has provided moments of drama only nature can provide. the first egg is laid, then another. one night not long after, a raccoon comes to raid the nest, the mother eagle manages to dissuade the masked marauder . days later, the mother is distressed and for good reason. a hungry red tail hawk has the eagle's nest under surveillance. you can just see it swoop by. what's more endearing watching a parent care for a newborn? it wasn't that long ago the bald eagle was endangered. the species is no longer even regarded as threatened. but pittsburgh provides what might be the ultimate proof of their comeback. if they can make it there -- well, you know. harry smith , nbc news, new york.