Nightly News   |  April 05, 2014

Civil Rights Museum Reopens

The National Civil Rights Museum reopens and hopes to teach newer generations the nation’s civil rights’ narrative.

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>> 46 years after the assassination of martin luther king , jr. the national civil rights museum reopened today in memphis , hoping to bring a new generation into this country's civil rights narrative. ron allen has the story.

>> reporter: with that a new era begins for the national civil rights museum . it was until that unforgettable moment in american history , just a typical memphis motel.

>> martin luther king junior was killed tonight many memphis , tennessee.

>> reporter: king was assassinated 46 years ago this weekend and like the powerful imagines of that moment, the motel was preserved in time. king's room number 306 as it was for visitors to see. lunch, the day's newspaper still there.

>> this museum, needed to be updated. needed to be engaging to a younger generation.

>> reporter: 18 months and 30 million privately contributed dollars later it's more dynamic and interactive and expanded to icons like rosa parks . five centuries of history starting with the slave ships that crossed the atlantic. kimberly martin says her students will learn a powerful lesson.

>> overcoming adversity. they're going to know that whatever sets you back or gets you down, you can overcome it.

>> come here and you'll understand what this great country is really all about.

>> reporter: russell walton and leslie moore understand. they were sanitation workers on strike back then that king came to memphis to support.

>> we thank god. it keeps the dream going on.

>> reporter: king's dream and the dreams of so many others is what this place that people consider sacred is all about.