Nightly News   |  April 06, 2014

Vigilante Justice Gone Awry?

Bystanders severely beat a man who hit a child with his car and then got out to help the boy. Now the driver’s family wants justice.

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>>> in detroit tonight two teenagers are under arrest in connection with a brutal beating of a motorist who stopped to check on a boy after running into the child with his pickup truck . the beating sparked outrage in that city and beyond. we get more on that tonight from ron allen .

>> reporter: 54-year-old steve clings to life in a medically induced coma since last wednesday. this picture shows his two daughters holding his hand.

>> it's hard to see him laying in bed not knowing who we are, where he is or what's going on.

>> reporter: a gas education security camera captured what happened. a 10-year-old boy with other pedestrians steps into the street. steve driving home hits the boy with his pickup truck , the impact too graphic to show. people respond. what you can't see is that he stops. gets out of his truck to help. and police say about a dozen by standers attack and severely beat him. this is where he got beat up.

>> he fell to the ground right here.

>> i don't understand they were so angry at him.

>> they were concerned about the kid. why are you jumping on my dad.

>> reporter: the detroit mayor urged anyone with information to step forward so justice can be served. investigators have said it appears he was not violating any traffic laws.

>> the child was the one that stepped out in front of his vehicle. this particular gentleman did stop, did try to renter aid.

>> reporter: the 10-year-old is home, treated and released from a hospital while the family maintains a bedside vigil.

>> i pray to god he better make it. i'm good. they are saying that they don't know for sure yet.

>> reporter: an appeal for justice has raised more than $90,000. two teenagers have been arrested with ten more suspects still at large. while the family hopes their father survives. ron allen , nbc news.