Nightly News   |  April 06, 2014

Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing a Year Later

A new exhibit offers an intimate portrait of the reactions to the deadly bombing last April.

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>>> finally tonight it's been almost a year since the boston marathon bombings and manhunt that left four dead and hundreds injured. as the city steels you want self to mark the anniversary on april 15th a new exhibit is about to open that captures the source of the strength that made boston strong. they are powerful. and poignant. symbols of a time of great shock, sadness and grief in boston .

>> it was a time of great mourning here in the city. these objects really are emotion and support and love in material form.

>> they are now part avenue exhibit called dear boston which opens tomorrow at the boston public library in copley square .

>> it features a selection from a makeshift memorial that sprung up at copley square in the weeks following the boston marathon bombing last year.

>> it includes hundreds of running shoes , t-shirts, notes and other mementos that were left as offerings of tribute to the victims and healing to a wounded city.

>> it's an attempt to understand the deeper meaning of that memorial.

>> the centerpiece four crosses representing those who died.

>> the grief people felt for these four people were an intense part of the memorial. we wanted it a place for community and a place for moving forward.

>> the collection also includes heart felt messages sent from around the world including this one written on the side of a sneaker. it reads these shoes taught me the joy of running that can never be taken. a powerful message and now a crucial part of boston 's history reflecting the city's strength and solidarity that followed one of its darkest days.

>> boston is a resilient town. we bounce back. it will always be in our hearts and minds . boston strong lives on. yes. absolutely.

>> it