Nightly News   |  April 09, 2014

Prince George Learns to Play Among the Commoners

It was his first public appearance in nine months, and Prince George was ready to play.

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>>> today the likely future king of england prince george had the first royal engagement. there was crying and grabbing, screams and that's to be expected when you and your pals are nine months old. prince george you see went on an official play date in new zealand.

>> reporter: it was his first big public engagement , and prince george took the opportunity to get close, very close to his public. his mom said he had never been around so many other babies before, though you wouldn't know it.

>> a little man. he -- he took control. went to the middle of toys. got the biggest toy, propped himself up and owned the place basically.

>> reporter: it's been almost nine months since george's first public appearance. he's grown a bit since then. today he grabbed his mom's hair, threw toys and generally played well with others or tried to. his enthusiasm reduced one little girl to tears. [crying]

>> reporter: she got a soothing hand from kate. the affection between mother and son was reminiscing of another time. when dianna brought him 31 years ago, he was carried from the plane by his nanny. this time kate was happy to do the job herself though the nanny was close at hand. the little prince is used to royal company. this was his christening but with today's play date , he's learning how to be out among the people. lesson number one, don't steal somebody else's toys.

>>> that is our broadcast on a wednesday night. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams . we hope to see you right back