Nightly News   |  April 10, 2014

Mudslide Survivor Speaks Out: ‘I Was Not Letting That Baby Go’

A survivor and her baby were pulled from the rubble and narrowly escaped death in the disaster that has claimed 36 lives.

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>>> out to the pacific northwest . the death hole has been slowly rising in the almost three weeks since the mudslide that levelled an entire town in washington state . 36 people are now confirmed dead and searchers are still looking for ten others and tonight, for the first time, we're hearing from a young mother, a survivor who was pulled from the debris along with her young baby and we get her story tonight from miguel.

>> i saw my neighbor's house and turned and screamed to god to save us .

>> reporter: for her, time will heal her damaged eye socket and broken arm but the painful memories will always hunt her.

>> i looked out the front door and it was like the movies. houses were exploding and the next thing i remember is our neighbor's chimney coming into our front door, and i turned and i held duke and i did not let him go.

>> reporter: duke, her six month old baby boy was in her arms when the wave of mud smashed their home.

>> i was not letting that baby go. i was not letting him go. he was dirty and a little blue and i thought i was losing him, so i would give him little rubs and pat on his chest and say stay with me bud and ask god to not take him in front of me.

>> reporter: in this vast debris field, remarkably amanda's cries for help were heard. she was cut from the rubble, duke carried out clinging to life by a group of strangers amanda has not yet met.

>> i will pay it forward for the rest of my life.

>> reporter: a mother that lost so much, grateful for what she still has.