Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

Obamacare’s Path After Kathleen Sebelius’ Resignation

Kathleen Sebelius sits down to discuss her five-year tenure as Health and Human Services secretary.

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>>> a day after resigning as health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius is speaking out about her five-year stormy tenure. in an exclusive interview with andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: she's in the public face of the affordable care act , obamacare, a political punching bag for everything that went wrong.

>> she's got bumps, i've got bumps, bruises.

>> reporter: 24 hours later, kathleen sebelius talked about the rocky rollout.

>> clearly, the estimate that it was ready to go october 1st was just flat out wrong.

>> reporter: how do you feel when the thing crashed?

>> that was very alarming because that took some real diagnostics in terms of what all the problems were, and then an analysis about whether or not it could be fixed.

>> reporter: it must have been so frustrating.

>> oh, it was awful. it was awful. but all you could do is say, all right we're going to fix it. hold me accountable.

>> reporter: along the way, there were delays in the mandate for big businesses, concessions for small businesses and the same was promised from the president.

>> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan.

>> reporter: did the white house over sell it?

>> i don't think they did. what we said from the outset was this was fixing a very broken market.

>> reporter: this is washington after all. people are asking, were you bushed or did you jump?

>> i also thought that at the end of open enrollment was a logical time to leave. there is never a good time.

>> reporter: now with the changing of the guard at hhs, the health care issue is still a political lightning rod in the midterm elections.

>> i am doubtful of people who suggest that you're going to see democratic senators running to embrace obamacare in tough states where it hasn't been popular.

>> reporter: and already today in new hampshire, republican senator ted cruz .

>> they will tell you that kathleen sebelius resigning is a result of obamacare's success. well, if that's true, then i hope every democrat will follow her path and resign, as well. [ applause ]

>> reporter: and do you have any regrets?

>> if i had a magic wand and go could back to mid september and ask different questions based on what i know now, i thought i was getting the best information from the best experts, but clearly, that didn't go well.

>> reporter: there are still big challenges ahead for the affordable care act making sure people who signed up pay up and insurance companies don't raise rates in november and republicans are threatening to use the confirmation of sebelius' successor to reopen the fight.