Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

Tensions Rise in Ukraine Following Pro-Russian Uprisings

The U.S. warns Russia against any further military intervention in Ukraine asĀ  armed men seize government buildings.

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>>> russia and just announced, vice president biden will travel to ukraine's capitol the week after next. that after armed men seized more government buildings in eastern ukraine and raised the russian flag . we travel to the latest area where tensions are high.

>> reporter: these are the men who now control prorussian militias, well-armed and trained and occupying the city's police station . we saw them as they strengthened the barricade, molotov cocktails being prepared. one of them are puzzled. are you prepared to fight? if i wasn't prepared, i would not take this into my hand. i will fight until the end he told me. they just put up a sign declaring the public to allow cheers of the cloud. they have over taken the police station . they are now in control of the this area and there is no sign the ukrainen government controls anymore. where are you getting supplies and weapons from, your uniforms? he sarcastically tells me from a toy shop . another pointed in the direction of the russian flag and said from there, at least five cities in eastern ukraine have government buildings that have now been seized by prorussian since sunday. they want to break away from ukraine and form their own new country. we were questioned at a makeshift check point manned on a highway. it's a sign the militia's presence is rapidly growing beyond the city buildings they controlled. carl, this evening the ukrainian president held an emergency meeting with the national security counsel . the ukrainian government is faced with a dilemma, move in and reclaim the buildings with the use of force and that can trigger more violence and bloodshed that can be used as a pretext by russia to intervene. sit here and do nothing, they can continue to lose more buildings in the eastern