Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

Authorities Search for Highway Shooter

Police are trying to determine who is shooting in the cars along Kansas City’s highways.

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>>> are trying to determine who has been shooting at vehicles along highways in the kansas city area. there are nearly two dozen such attacks wounding three drivers and the fbi and atf have joined the investigation. the latest from john yang .

>> reporter: outside kansas city , tom mcfarland was driving home about a month ago when he heard a loud smack against the door. turns out it was a bullet. what did you think when you got out of the car and saw this in your door?

>> well, i was pretty surprised but, you know, i was shocked to see what was there.

>> reporter: a few days later, his check engine light came on, the mechanics found a second bullet underneath the car. then came the news of more attacks just like his.

>> i almost was an act of craziness.

>> reporter: he was not hurt, three others wounded, none seriously. there were close calls. in one case a bullet stopped inches from where a 3.5-year-old girl was sitting. kansas police say they linked 12 of some 20 cases but won't say how. they are looking to see if other patterns fit. most of the attacks are south and east of kansas city with the biggest cluster in a sprawling highway exchange known as the grand view triangle. at rush hour traffic can be heavy. a lot of the incidents took place near exit ramps where the shooter can get off and escape quickly. most accounts point to a loan shooter firing from another car possibly wearing a ski mask but another report says a car full of suspects passing a semiautomatic pistol back and forth. tom mcelderfarland still drives past the spot he was attacked a few times a day.

>> luckily, nobody was killed.

>> reporter: they hope making a speedy arrest will make evening routines a little less never wrecking.

>>> when nightly news continues, the