Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

This Is the Man Trying to Convict Oscar Pistorius

Meet the veteran prosecutor whose relentless grilling of Oscar Pistorius has riveted court watchers.

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>>> oscar pistorius will be back on the witness stand to face more grueling examination when his trial resumes monday. he's faced three rounds by a veteran prosecutor challenging his story of how he shot and killed his girlfriend. mike has more.

>> reporter: he was repeating to an exhausted oscar pistorius addressing the judge, my lady.

>> you shot the gun knowing she was behind the door.

>> that's not true, my lady.

>> reporter: he started by telling him what to say.

>> say yes, i shot and killed reeva steenkamp.

>> i did, my lady.

>> reporter: after that questions often sarcastically about the athlete's careless love of guns and the deadly affect here exploding a watermelon. now occasionally it drove pistorius to tears and the trial to a pause when he instructed him to look at a death photo of steenkamp.

>> i don't have to look at a picture. i was there.

>> reporter: but his strategy was to mock all of the defendant's claims.

>> you stated in your evidence --

>> reporter: right up to the critical claim he never confirmed where reeva was when he opened fire because he was certain it was an intruder behind the bathroom door.

>> she was talking to you. she was standing right in front of the door talking to you when you shot her.

>> what the prosecutor is trying to do is trip him up on the details by going moment by moment over the incident and asking tough questions trying to rattle him.

>> reporter: prosecutor nelson several times and ways, that's not true, that can't be true or you're lying. at one point, the judge called him on his language.

>> you done calling a liar, not while he's in the witness box .

>> reporter: still a final challenge to a final pistorius claim that the reason steenkamp stayed quiet while locked in the bathroom is she was afraid of an intruder, too.

>> she wasn't scared of anything, except you. she wasn't scared of an intruder.

>> reporter: outside court friday, a weary pistorius was handed a flower bouquet but a woman who told us she's still a fan.

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