Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

Inside the Rosa Parks Collection

You can own pieces from the civil rights icon’s legacy for $10  million.

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>> as the president addressed that civil rights group, a lifetime worth of items belonging to civil rights pioneer rosa parks sat in a warehouse blocks away. as ron mott reports, it's the decade-long legal battle over her will.

>> reporter: tucked away in a warehouse in east harlem sit boxes each carefully labeled and numbers. inside, thousands of items belonging to the late rosa parks , icon of the civil rights movement .

>> books from her library, hundreds if not thousands of unpublished photographs. enough to fill one or two floors of any museum.

>> reporter: here we see the whole collection for the first time ever. parks wanted to give people access to her keepsakes and learn from her life but a legal fight between her heirs led a judge to seize her belongings from her home in 2005 when she died. it will remain there until it is sold for the asking price of $10 million. it's been 60 years since she boarded the bus tired from a day's work and refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. her arrest sparked a 381-day bus boycott . interested in her life and work has not wayned over time and this collection is a well spring of memorabilia. there is the bill box hat she may have worn on the bus, the ensomeble she wore to meet the pope, her presidential medal of freedom , handwritten letters and journals.

>> as i walk to the fountain, one officer said get away from there. you can't drink water from that fountain. reverend king's home was bombed while he was with us at a mass meeting . fortunately, his wife and baby were not harmed. i would rather be lynched than live to be mistreated.

>> reporter: all locked away from the public.

>> there is something terribly said the fact that this collection languishes in a warehouse unseen by the millions of people who it could have such a wonderful affect on.

>> reporter: a courageous and ex ordinary life packed away in a place waiting to be discovered.