Image:  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit New Zealand
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Nightly News   |  April 12, 2014

Kate Middleton’s New Zealand Visit Reminiscent of Diana's

All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge as she visited fans and hospital patients.

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>>> finally tonight, nearly the whole town turned out to welcome prince william and kate middleton on their latest stop on their tour of australia new zealand and kate going solo for a special visit with children. here is anna bell roberts.

>> reporter: a roar from the crowd any rock star would welcome. the duke and duchess arrived in cambridge, the small new zealand town, more than 2/3rds of the population turned out. they paid tribute to the war memorial and the duchess worked the crowd shaking hands, receiving flowers and smiling. this baby seemed unimpressed. she had compliments for this six-year-old at rainbow place children's hospital. the welfare of sick children is a cause the duchess has embraced just as dianna did offering kindness and support to the very will. new zealand fell under when dianna and young prince william visited. kate draws the crowd similar to dianna.

>> to me, the shades will gain, some people have been here since 5:30, some camped out for two nights to see the couple.

>> reporter: elegant as ever, though she said her husband thought her outfit a bit too bright. the presence of prince george is boosting interest in this 19-day tour. he's now staying with his nanny by day while kate and william perform their royal duties.

>> they can return to baby george at night and that's what it is about. then he's seeing them every night and that makes kate feel better.

>> reporter: wherever they go, they are a gift for the young prince. here, yes, a bicycle, no training wheels . a souvenir from new zealand .

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