Nightly News   |  April 13, 2014

What You Need to Know Before Doing Your Taxes on a Tablet

It’s what you need to know about filing your taxes on your wireless device. Find out how to protect yourself.

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>>> as an estimated 35 million americans race to meet tuesday's tax filing deadline, some good news. the irs says your chance of getting audited this year are the lowest since 2005 . that's because of budget cuts and new responsibilities that irs agents have. meantime, a warning about filing your taxes on your favorite wireless device . here is cnbc's jon fortt.

>> show dad what you're doing.

>> reporter: mike rehm doesn't own a pc, but he does just about everything, including his taxes on his tablet. rehm is part of a growing wave of filers doing their taxes on a touch screen. he is one of more than six million turbotax customers who have already filed taxes on mobile devices this year, on track to double over last year.

>> i still don't like to pay the taxes. however, it does make it a lot easier. a little more painless.

>> you made some mistakes.

>> reporter: gone are the dark images of doing your taxes or being overwhelmed by paper receipts. these days, people are buying more tablets and smartphones, fewer pcs, and they're doing their taxes on mobile devices too, even in a place like a coffee shop . but just because you can doesn't mean you should. but with hackers these days looking to steal personal information , is it safe to file wirelessly?

>> what people don't understand, there is no 100% way of making wireless secure there is none. don't use open wifi. don't use wifi that is not under your control. and once it's done, make sure that you're securing your information somewhere else. do not leave it on that phone.

>> reporter: have you ever lost customer tax data to a hacker?

>> no.

>> reporter: never?

>> never.

>> reporter: turbotax, the most popular in the country says they use the same encrypted technology as banks. accounts are password-protected and --

>> put your phone down and leave it unattended for eight minutes, we will automatically delete that information. but it is store on our servers.

>> that one is good.

>> reporter: mike rehm says the time he saves doing his taxes on his tablet makes it all worth it.

>> doing it in the comfort of my own home makes me available to my daughter, to spend more time with her, to spend more time with my wife.

>> reporter: even if he is not getting a refund this year. jon fortt, nbc news, new