Nightly News   |  April 14, 2014

How Submarine Sonar Is Used to Search for Malaysia Flight

Search teams are now using a robotic submarine to look for Flight 370.

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>>> now to the missing malaysia airlines plane. it's been nearly a week since any signal has been heard that might be a ping from one of the aircraft's black boxes . they are now taking the search under water deep below the indian ocean off the coast of australia louusing a robotic submarine. katy is in perth australia, good evening.

>> hey, there, brian. tuesday morning, day 39 out here, an ocean shield traded in the pinger for blue fin 21, the robotic submarine. it took 23 hours to get down. it will create a 3 d sonar map of the ocean floor and do that for 16 hours before it comes back up and they analyze and download the data. when all is said and done, about a 24 hour process before they have real answers. they will do this in sections. the first section is where their best hopes lie. it's about 15,000 square miles . and although ocean shield didn't hear new pings over the week end, it did detect an oil slick down sea from where it has been searching. experts say it's unlikely to be part of mh 370 all this time but they will analyze it nonetheless.