Nightly News   |  April 17, 2014

Allergy Sufferers Face Brutal Pollen Season

Winter’s chill is finally receding and spring’s blooms are all appearing at once, yielding more pollen than usual.

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>>> we've talked about it endlessly here. this has been for millions of americans the winter of our discontent and dispute what the calendar says, it's not over. today in minnesota they are digging out after several inches of fresh snow while yesterday in new york the problem was ice falling from tall buildings. for those places that have warmed up, the bill for this winter is now coming due in the form of allergies and of course, allergy sufferers are reporting on it tonight from our chief correspondent dr. nancy snield snyderm snyderman.

>> reporter: we're barely out of the worst winters in history and when it warms up, the spring flowers will burst with pollen making this an especially brutal season for allergies.

>> i've been seeing more patients when everything thaws, moisture in the ground causes increased plant growth and will lead to more plants pollinating, so more pollen in the air.

>> reporter: in cleveland, alisha and her kids couldn't wait to get back outdoors. but now.

>> i'm very nervous about this year with our allergies. the grass is starting to come back to life from the long winter, so it's not looking good right now.

>> reporter: the worst cities right now, all are in the south. louisville, kentucky is number one and a problem even in bigger cities like new york and los angeles .

>> i'm having a hard time breathing due to allergies here in los angeles .

>> my nose is stuffily with a cold.

>> reporter: the most severe cases can be relieved with shots personalized for each patient. alisha and her daughter caitlyn get them regularly.

>> if i didn't have the allergy shots , i probably wouldn't be able to do as much as i do now.

>> reporter: now there are alternatives to injections, two no prescription pills just approved by the fda treat certain grass pollen allergies, both melt under the tongue. grastek for 5 to 65 years old and oralair for 10 to 65 and ra ragitek. exerciserly, shower before bed and clean your eyeglasses and even wipe off your pets. so for those of you who are normally hit by allergy symptoms this time of year, you think you're home free, think again. the severe winter may mean a delayed symptom season for you and the next couple weeks may be brutal. adding on to this brian, a lot of people planted things around the country that weren't normally there and all it takes is a couple spring breezes and kaboom.

>> proving my theory, it's always something. thanks for being with us.