Nightly News   |  April 19, 2014

See Dramatic Mount Everest Avalanche Photos

Three Sherpas remain missing and 13 are dead following an avalanche on the mountain. Pictures capture the tragedy.

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>>> we received incredible images of the moment an avalanche of ice claimed the lives of 13 and left three others missing on mount everest and we're learning about the community. duncan has the latest.

>> reporter: new images of the moment an avalanche tore down an everest pass sweeping down the men that know it best. they are sherpas. they waited for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned. they came out one by one covered with scarves.

>> a huge amount of guilt that they were scarying equipment for us and preparing for us.

>> reporter: there are a series of caps off mount everest . the avalanche happened in the base and mount one, it's the first major hurdle on the mountain. this is where they were climbing friday morning under vast walls of ice that suddenly came loose.

>> i've been on that mountain many times and the sherpa usually leave very early from base camp and carrying loads of equipment from camp one and tend to like to climb close together. you know, they are friends, they work together. they know each other.

>> reporter: climbers rush to help bringing the injured down. an nbc news crew was there preparing for a documentary. all nbc employees are safe. this girl's father is added to the list. she speaks of her sorrow and says simply i'm so very sad. this morning rescuers brought down the latest body as climbers came out to pay respects. the mountain is closed for four days. some climbers say they will continue with the expedition and others decided this is a wakeup call for the dangers of the mountain that claimed to many of the lives of those who try to scale it.