Nightly News   |  April 20, 2014

Store Runs for Boston Bombing Victims

A sports clothing store that became a makeshift ER during the Boston Marathon bombing is now ready for this year’s race with its running club.

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>>> we end the broadcast tonight where we began, in boston . and at a running store near the finish line that became a makeshift e.r. when the bombs exploded last year. turning that store and the runners who support it into something much stronger than a business and its customers. more now from nbc's ron mott in boston .

>> and then the bomb went off about 20 feet that way.

>> reporter: dansu low was standing on a bench outside his shop when things went dark.

>> when i came to there was smoke everywhere, glass because the window exploded, blood. there was a lot of blood.

>> reporter: none of the blood his. so the executive for marathon sports dusted himself off and rushed inside and helped turn the store into a makeshift e.r. pulling apparel off the rack to help people coming in.

>> tourniquets, splints, trying to do what we could.

>> reporter: what happens what they did was elevate a small business into something.

>> it is about being a family and going that extra mile.

>> reporter: in the weeks and months that followed, business boomed. even non-runners stopping by the shop in a show of support.

>> so let's have a safe run.

>> reporter: the weekly running club booming in numbers becoming exercise therapy for many. this week one last tune-up to celebrate monday's big day at a place that made them stronger. a day they have focused on for a year now. a chance to finish last year's unfinished business .

>> everybody wants to get back out there and show the world that we're still running, still the greatest race in the world.

>> reporter: they're running for personal reasons, certainly, but also for survivors. raising $700,000 for 1 fund boston .

>> getting through the finish line on monday, that's got to be a special goal of yours.

>> yeah. like i said, i think anybody who's run a marathon before, this is going to be the most important one they've run.

>> reporter: 26.2 miles to run. a run to heal. a marathon of emotions in store. ron