Nightly News   |  April 21, 2014

‘Proof’ Russian Soldiers Stormed Ukraine Buildings

Picture after picture showed the well-trained, uniformed men who invaded the Ukraine are – as suspected – Russian troops.

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>>> there are new images just now released from ukraine that are being called substantial photograph proof that russian military forces crossed over the boarder and are causing trouble despite weeks of official denials from moscow. a new twist in the crisis as vice president joe biden lands in ukraine . we get our report from our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: they walk like russian soldiers, dress like russian soldiers and talk like russian soldiers. most likely, they are russian soldiers and now ukraine 's new government says they have proof, these pictures of the mysterious green men who in recent weeks stormed government buildings across ukraine . one group of photos shows the same gunmen in crimea turning up in eastern ukraine and check out the big bearded guy photographed last week and the same man six years ago with a russian special forces patch on his sleeve when the russians invaded former soviet georgia . picture after picture given to european monitors and the u.s. by the kiev government showing that the well-trained uniformed but often masked men are as suspected russian troops.

>> we don't have any doubt about the connection there and i think the photographs that are reported on today simply reaffirm that.

>> reporter: only last week vladimir putin for the first time confirmed what he had been denying. russian soldiers were involved in annexing crimea. vice president biden offered economic aid but not military support to the new government, even as tensions are rising. sunday morning a gun battle erupted as a prorussian check point killing at least two people. and today, a ukrainian journalist and several other reporters were seized by militant acce militant separatists. several other reporters were seized and released.