Nightly News   |  April 24, 2014

Afghanistan Militants Target Humanitarians

Thursday’s shootings are the latest spate of violence against non-military Western targets.

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>>> overseas today, there was an awful attack on americans at a hospital in afghanistan . an afghan security guard opened fire on a doctor exiting the building. the guard who was supposed to be protecting them shot them in the back killing three injuring one other before turning the weapon on himself. we get our report tonight from richard engel .

>> reporter: it happened here outside this cobble hospital run by an american christian carety cure international . it's one of the best pediatric and maternity clinics in the city threatening afghans for a decade. today a policeman at the gate opened fire killing american doctor jerry umanos. the white house condemned the attack. the u.s. enbar si saying those killed were humanitarians. this deprives the citizens of afghanistan valuable medical expertise. umanos volunteered for years. back home in chicago friends and family remembered.

>> i know jerry would also really like everybody to know about his love for the afghan people , and our love for the afghan people .

>> he was such a great person. such a warm spirit. you couldn't ask for a better person.

>> reporter: today's tragedy is the latest case of afghan secure security forces killing unarmed americans . two associated press journalists were shot, one killed. u.s. forces are now leaving afghanistan . we watched them hoist away equipment last fall, so militants increasingly hit non-military western targeting including the hotel last month killing nine. civilians including medical workers and journalists still travel the streets and don't fire back. now a decade of work to improve the standard of living in afghanistan is at risk as no foreigners can feel safe. the policeman shot himself firing under his chin. he survived and treated at the same hospital he just attacked. he was in stable condition, and then transferred to afghan custody.

>> as you said, bears repeating, americans over there trying to help. richard engel , thanks.