Nightly News   |  April 24, 2014

Netanyahu to Suspend All Talks With Palestinians

John Kerry’s nine-month quest for peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians is now on life support.

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>>> a huge set back tonight for u.s. efforts to somehow, someway restart some sort of peace process in the middle east after a lot of work and almost an entire year of shovel da pliplomacy by john kerry . it all fell apart today. andrea mitchell live in the newsroom in washington with the details on this. good evening.

>> good evening. john kerry 's nine month quest for peace between israel and the palestinians is on life support . it was in trouble thanks to failures by both sides. considered terrorists by the u.s. and israel. the prim minister responded telling me he is now suspending all talks with the palestinians.

>> as long as i'm prime minister of israel , i will never negotiate with the palestinian government backed by terrorists. neither would you. would you negotiate with a government that is backed by al qaeda ? that calls for the destruction of america? that murdered americans.

>> tonight secretary kerry does not concede his dream of middle east peace is entirely lost but acknowledges they are at a difficult point and hard to see how this can be svalue vagued at all.

>>> eight days since the south korean ferry capsized and sank. today some of the families