Nightly News   |  April 27, 2014

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>>> the highest risk tonight is many arkansas . weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is in little rock tonight. mike, what does it look like there?

>> hey, lester, first, let's go back to that picture you showed us earlier. a live picture from stromsburg, nebraska, west of the omaha area there have been reports of damage. meanwhile back in little rock , the atmosphere has changed. we're now in the 70s. we're the warm sector of the storm. the warm sector typically the most prone to tornados spinning up. also, for the first time this season, the storm prediction center has put an area under a high risk , including parts of arkansas . we're under a tornado watch . this is a pds tornado watch , meaning a particularly dangerous situation . that is until 11:00 tonight. and unfortunately, as the sun goes down, the tornadoes become even more dangerous because people go to bed and they miss the warnings and you can't see them coming. and over the past hour now, two tornado warnings , the first two of the day have been issued for arkansas , north and west of here in little rock . lesser?

>> mike seidel , thanks. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is inside the noaa storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma. what are the next 24 hours look like, jim?

>> yeah, lester, the worst of the storms coming in now as the sun is going down. and unfortunately, they are going to be tornado producers throughout the night tonight. a large area, as you can see, that will still be dealing with these severe thunderstorms. large hail, gusty winds, damaging winds in fact, and even tornadoes all the way down into the states of mississippi and into middle tennessee . so a huge concern in addition to the flood risk. a lot of places have been sitting over places like memphis all day long. we move into monday, places like birmingham, huntsville and meridian, mississippi are facing a tornado threat. a two-day threat for some of these areas. and the storm that is helping to aid these thunderstorms seeley not going to move all that much. so look what happens by tuesday. some of the same areas once again under the gun for tornadoes. so it's not only birmingham, jackson, mississippi , but also atlanta, charlotte, and tallahassee. so what has started out as a very slow year in terms of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes specifically has really ramped up. we'll be under the gun until at least wednesday.

>> and we'll be watching. jim cantore , thanks.