Nightly News   |  April 28, 2014

Arkansas Tornado Victims Come Together During Crisis

In times of hardship, Arizona residents are lending each other a helping hand.

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>>> for our final story here tonight, we return to the lead story this evening, but specifically here about some of the good that is taking place in one of the communities hardest hit. we get the story from janet in arkansas.

>> that's my grandson there.

>> reporter: it was good turn out for jessie green 's 83rd birthday, but you wouldn't call this a party. it wasn't a garage sale, either. the memories of a life well lived are muddy and wet. she came home today to start cleaning, to find her friends already started the job. you seem in fairly descent spirits.

>> i'm living. i'm walking and talking.

>> reporter: she worked an overnight nursing shift and spent all day helping jessie. you got to be exhausted.

>> not yet, i will be.

>> reporter: drivers waited in line outside city hall , not to get emergency supplies but to give them.

>> trying to get the food and water and basic necessities.

>> trying to take care of friends and neighbors.

>> reporter: they turned their parking lot into a grill, serving lunch. this veterinary building has a tree crashed through it. this guy is shaking.

>> absolutely.

>> reporter: instead of making repairs, he's on a desperate search for owners. can we get them reunited?

>> we're doing our best.

>> when a disaster like this happens, animals suffer, too.

>> reporter: they are picking up the pieces . caring, it's how things are done.

>> makes you feel, i don't know, just good inside.