Rachel Maddow   |  April 19, 2013

Fraught neighbors jubilant, exult over bomb suspect’s capture

Mike Callahan, a Watertown, Massachusetts neighbor of the house at which Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, describes to Rachel Maddow the past 24 hours of anxiety as police engaged in a manhunt for Tsarnaev, and the relief washing through the streets as news of the capture spreads.

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>> now, i want it go to mike callahan. you see on your screen. boston police , the simple statement, we got him. mike, thank you so much for being with us. can you describe the scene for us, what it was like on your block before he was taken into custody?

>> we are on common street.

>> okay.

>> every time a cop goes by, there is an eruption of cheers and thank yous. that this town can get back it a sense of normality. and on franklin street , i don't know if you can hear people cheering now. but we are just so happy and ready to get back on with our lives. so happy we got him.

>> mike, tell me what it was like. everybody is relieved. everybody is happy to hear he is in custody. but in watertown and especially you, being so close to where he was picked up, it has to be an emotional relief. just a contrast in terms of what it was like earlier today. what was it like before you got him?

>> there was a state trooper at every corner of my neighborhood. then today after governor patrick said he was lifting the ban, i was literally on my way out the door to a friend's house. then there were cops on my street and then they knew where he was. basically like i've been waiting it take a deep breath for 24 hours . now the entire community is breathing in and breathing out together. it is so relieving. the town hasn't seen anything like there before. it is a quiet town. everyone knows everyone. now we are celebrating that we can somewhat get back to normal.

>> michael, when you were in your house and you knew that was going on, did you feel like you could take shelter? did you have a basement? were you worried about straight bullet?

>> not at first. when i did hear the four shots fired, when they were closer to my house, it was alarming. i wasn't sure -- there are reports going out, that was he on his feet or still stuck in the boat? that when i started to take more shelter but when the crime scene was a few streets up, i didn't feel unsafe. i knew i was in good hands. there were cops on every corner. it was more stressful than anything. just wanted it to be over.

>> well, you can hear it on the street an i can hear it behind you over the phone. mike callahan, glad it ended for you the way it did.