Rock Center   |  November 08, 2012

Rock Bottom: 7 commanding jackets

From Chris Christie’s "Governor" fleece, to that flag lady at Obama’s acceptance speech, to a new device that makes staff meetings more peaceful, Brian Williams reports on this week’s trending headlines.

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>> whole country has just been through the ringer of this election season, here along the east coast we have seen such destruction and relentless suffering and sadness. in fact, we can just now feel like we can take a step back and point out a few of the things we have noticed along the way. this special storm edition features something we have noticed about so many elected officials these days. they suddenly all have official jackets. this started a few years back and let's call it what it really is, it's air force one jacket envy. being president comes with a lot of things in addition to all the worries of the free world there is also a lot of stuff. the white house . the limousine, or the tripped out suv which even follows you when you walk. and then there is the plane, and not one, but two jackets, traditional blue number with the presidential seal , and the leather one that says commander-in-chief, just to clear up any confusion. if you are anyone else but the president, you are at an instant garment disadvantage. that's when the tough get going. schwarzenegger got into the jacket game years ago and he still wears it. governor cuomo of new york has a nice one. cory booker wasn't to be outdone over in newark. ray kelly of the nypd sporting a new one. then there is chris christie 's fleece. he has worn it as a kind of talisman every day since his beloved jersey shore got torn up by the storm. it fits him and works with who he is. not as fancy as the others then again he is way ahead in another area. wait till the other governors see what he wore to the western wall in jerusalem. let's see if the president can top that. speaking of the president, there he was on election night , crowning moment, second term, thousands of supporters and then, there she was. hair flag lady, living proof that no matter how hard the advance people try to assemble the perfect crowd behind the candidate you can't control what they do. we saw a couple of great examples of this during the campaign, hair flag lady as she instantly became known on the web went there with old glory. you couldn't help but notice her, no matter how lofty the occasion or rhetoric. here was a gem from election night , our friend, jonathan alter wearing a headset from the early 60s. dawn of the electronic age . makes you wistful for a time of space exploration , rampant alcoholism and elections of yesteryear what made it delicious, the event behind him was over. you could hear perfectly well without them. it would have robbed us of this moment. the whole thing got us thinking of richard nixon . luckily there are new home movies of him released as part of a new documentary. and it turns out behind the scenes the old man was pretty much the guy we remember for temporarily destrog oying our faith in the presidency. warm, tactile he was not. shakes hands with boy scouts as if they're lepers. kissinger in a bathing suit, confounded by the beach chair . in the film, hr halderman a walk how to china. pictures of opulent bathrooms, film of the pope they secretly recorded because secret recordings were their thing after all. and we get to see nixon rehearsing his phone call with the crew of apolo 11 because he didn't want to screw up in front of a billion listeners. a big development for all of us who love sleeping at staff meetings but hate when our heads lop over. well problem solved. thanks to this discreet bracket that no one will know you are wearing. it allows you to take a snap while upright which we didn't think was possible prior to the first debate in denver. this was harrowing, a girl in a zoo in france and a lion with one thing on its mind. luckily no harm done. there was a glass wall behind her. you know the french, they're so much more casual than we are about this kind of stuff. finally, cast members of the jersey shore , famous for getting hammered at the jersey shore they're getting back together for a telethon to raise money for all the places that got hammered by hurricane sandy. that includes seaside heights where their house is. the backdrop for so many of their exploits. a place where a lot of us can trace our childhood memories. okay it was really cold that day. it was very cold. it gets cold on the beach without a towel both in the black and white era, same thing is true today. that