Rock Center   |  January 24, 2013

Rock Bottom: What day of the week do you look your oldest?

From the second inauguration of President Barack Obama to a new study on aging – Brian Williams reports on the news you may have missed this week.

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>>> back at the pageantry we witnessed this week in washington. it was just three days ago, after all, and there was so much to see, it turns out we didn't get to see it all. to review the inauguration, perhaps because it wasn't the peaceful transfer of power as much as it was a continuation of the obama years and because we all get the seriousness of it, how about what else our cameras picked up along the way. like the hat choice of justice briar and justice scalia . sasha got caught yawning the way any kid would. there was the former president. there was the heart stopper for that brief moment when we thought the oath was going bad again.

>> the office of president of the united states .

>> and will --

>> overall the beautiful obama girls seemed to have a great outing, including some great moves on the inaugural stand, and big sister photo bombing her dad. the now famous first lady eye roll was apparently because the speaker was joking with the president over quitting smoking, at least according to a lip reading expert, though the speaker's office says that's not the case. and speaking of which, a lot of people noticed the president going to town on the gum at the end of the day , widely speculated to be nicorette. there was the host with the most, senator chuck schumer , and the beyonce moment. o say does that star-spangled banner

>> okay, so it wasn't that bad, but it sure became a big story . it was the year of the electronic device . sasha, malia and their dad all on theirs. everyone else fired up theirs when the first couple had their first dance that night. o beautiful

>> after playing for a crowd of a million people and a billion viewers worldwide, james taylor joined us live in our studio. if you've ever wondered what happens when the anchor steps out during a commercial break, here you go. the other anchors surround him for a photo while the always classy brokaw pretends to be above it. and just when it seems like the pace of news these days is brisk, consider a four-day period 40 years ago this week. first nixon was inaugurated to his second term. then just two days later, president johnson died on his ranch in texas and the supreme court decided roe versus wade . the very next day, the peace accords were announced, ending the vietnam war . fast forward to present day news from the world of science. a new study says women look their oldest on wednesdays at 3:30 in the afternoon. sometimes dramatically so. one reason, it's midweek so wednesday is the day likely to be the most stressful because it's still three days to go until the weekend when we can cut loose. and okay, so this may not be science. the study was sponsored by the sun tan lotion people at saint tropez to promote their new anti-aging cream. web