Rock Center   |  March 29, 2013

Man arrested for stealing 42,000 lbs of cheese

From sodas in New Orleans taxis, to a sink issue in Nashville, to royal hair loss, to stolen cheese, to last week's meteor, Brian Williams catches up on the news you may have missed this week.

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>> up look at the story just breaking has gone before us.

>> when we saw bob teague on tv, we knew we were changing, nbc hired him in 1963 from "the new york times" to work in local news, he also substituted on the network. he was among the first ever black on air reporters, a big, tall product of milwaukee, all big ten in football at wisconsin and an army veteran to boot. he was a gentleman, who believed in journalism and called out executives who blatttantly used it for ratings. he was a role model for black kids , for white kids, for all us of who wanted to do what he did. bob teague was 4.

>>> here is why new orleans may be the greatest city in the world. they combined two things, beverages and cabs. vending machines in 40 different cabs in the big easy . because people have been known to enjoy a good beverage during their visit.

>>> to the north, a minor frack us in tennessee when this was installed in the state capital . a republican state senator reportedly inquired if it was for religious reasons? a prayer ritual foot washing sink? to be on the safe side, the cast of "homeland" was concerned. carrie grew concerned, but an order to stand down. a mop sink for rinsing mops.

>>> hair was in the news this week. this is dr. shehamalak, from the crown hair loss clinic in manchest manchester, england. prince harry is headed to comeover territory and there is nothing he can do about it he based his findings on looking at pictures of harry.

>>> and john travolta rolled out his mini beard. it's a look, and it gets 60% less food caught in it in meal time. the daily mail couldn't help but point out jt's luxurious mane, which isn't always the case. and rob lowe purchased this and can now do this. that's all we have on this.

>>> this guy arrested on the jersey turnpike for stealing 42,000 pounds of cheese. that's $200,000 worth in an 18-wheeler. in case you were wondering, it was muenster. some brazenly operate right in the open. nothing worse than a legitimate cheese dealer gone bad, this man told us just how available the stuff is. we've agreed to protect his identity.

>> yeah, when i was running my operation, there was nothing i couldn't get my hands on. gouda, laughing cow , aged new england cheddar, i owned the monterey jack business on the east coast . when i branched out, i got pinched in a sting, but prior to that i was doing a million a year on brie. i put my kids through college on camembert.

>>> and some waited until the pyramids were closed and then they rode roughshod and crawled to the top and shared it, because that's what people do.

>>> this is humility. proep francis washed the feet of inmates at a youth detention facility in rome. in keeping with tradition, he kissed their feet as well. while it's not for everyone, it's meant the ultimate account of humility and self-sacrifice, and it's a valuable contrast to some of the popular culture.

>> do you think my skin looks better?

>> no.

>>> it happened exactly a week ago tonight, a three foot wide space boulder lit up the coast from maine to california. no one was hurt. but on top of the one that landed in that russian town with a huge concussion and injured 1,000 people, the world is now on edge enough. congress actually held a hearing on it though many appeared too scared to attend. the nasa folks who study such things called the big meteor city killers, and they say there is nothing we can do to avoid them. listen to the head of nasa who was asked, what if we had three weeks' notice one headed for times square ?

>> if it's coming in three weeks, pray.

>> reporter: his remarks caused fear and trepidation on city streets , oaks, kay, at least among our staff members on a starbucks run. it affects everybody and as we head into this easter weekend , have you been