Rock Center   |  April 05, 2013

Incoming: Viewers react to ‘The Masked Marauders’

Following his report on the hoax that impacted a generation of music lovers, Rock Center Anchor Brian Williams reads viewers’ admissions that they, like him, were duped by ‘The Masked Marauders’ hoax.

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>>> tribute long overdue for a great nation.

>>> talk about incoming. we had to read you some of these. we just asked everyone for their response on the masked marauders album, if they had bought it and again victimized and believed it. it's fantastic. absolutely bought into it, loved it, listened to it and believed. my husband has the album. he says he does not feel victimized because it's unique. i listened to my copy on vinyl even when i learned the truth. i loved it. finally, i bought the masked marauders album and still have it. don't let me down. keep them coming. these are all fantastic stories from happy, mostly, owners of the masked marauders. we'll