Rock Center   |  April 05, 2013

Rock Bottom: Brian Williams’ tribute to Canada

From the latest styles at Target to a tribute to the great country of Canada, Brian Williams catches up on the news you may have missed this week.

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>>> of the news from this past week, which this week includes a tribute to a great man and a great nation and a little problem for a big retailer. the folks at target who are normally so stylish and smart in their marketing got in a whole lot of hot water this week with this. a dress for plus-size women available in manatee gray. realizing the gentle giants of the sea are not a great fashion influence, target changed the color to just gray. in other fashion news, the north american association of uniform manufacturers naaum handed out their annual awards for the best dressed police departments . remember, it's an honor to even be nominated, but this guy from the hillsborough police department sent a scare through the fashion world. make no mistake, nice guy , handsome, squared-away public servant, but those pants. it brought a flashback to every robert mitchum movie ever made, back when they used yards of fabric from the waist to the crotch, and we're just hoping this cop couture doesn't mean we have to throw out all our pants. some incredible home video surfaced this week. it's all home footage of balmoral back in 1952 . it shows the british royal family on holiday along with winston churchill and lady churchill. and winston seems to have grown quite fond of a large piece of driftwood. he just seems to love that driftwood. fast forward to today and some of the most inventive video out there comes from way out there. astronaut chris hadfield is the commander of the international space station . and just to review, it's the big thing with the huge solar panels . six people are living on board. it flies at 17,000 miles an hour. it orbits the earth every 90 minutes , and by plugging your zip code into a website, you can watch it fly overhead at night the next time it passes over you. now back to commander hadfield. he started filming an amazing series of videos to show us what life is like in space, and to remind us they're all living the life up there. just to watch him talk is fascinating. the little things like not having to hold onto the microphone because it's not going anywhere. he answers a lot of questions from school kids, like, how do you brush your teeth?

>> brush my teeth just like normal.

>> he goes on brushing which seems like an entire earth orbit . but wait, there's more.

>> no rinse body bath.

>> and a sandwich where bread isn't allowed because the crumbs would fly around forever. and right when you're wondering, where did they get this guy, at the end of every video comes the answer. which brings us to tonight's tribute to canada . canada is a great country. they've given the world neal young and joni mitchell , and the man who has proven the best entertainment in the world, martin short. canadians are great allies. they fought like badgers alongside our guys on the beach of nmandy and in wars before and since. they feature cute mittens and blow-up booefeavers. and the bob costas of canada is named brian williams . that whole area up there, the great white north, has a population of only about four people. and in many ways, commander hadfield is the very best of canada . he's right out of central casting , a mash-up of the mustache era tom hanks , mel gibson and nascar great darrell ea earnhart. in this video, it looks like he's fixing a farm diesel, and then you realize that's on the space station . he's a space photographer. his twitter shows photos of staggering beauty, like a random collection of eight clouds over the sahara, the beaches of australia, boston at night because he's never forgotten what a staggering joy it is to circle the earth every hour and a half. in canada they have what they call the order of canada . it's a medal, a decoration for outstanding merit and distinguished service. recently three recipients were all on one snl together, paul schaefer , martin short and lorne michaels , all three crowd-deserving canadians. that got us thinking. so tonight, by the power vested in us, allow us please to nominate candidate chris hadfield , a future member of the order of canada , of the highest order. we will await official word from the government of canada . we trust they will do the right thing.