Rock Center   |  April 12, 2013

Margaret Thatcher’s death fuels iTunes sales

From chipmunks in slow motion to how Margaret Thatcher’s death fueled iTunes sales of a certain song to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s possible turn in the musical “Grease,” Rock Center Anchor Brian Williams reviews the news you may have missed this week.

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>>> lead story for several days running has been this north korean situation and for good reason. not all of what we encountered was deathly serious, as we're about to prove in vivid detail.

>> we begin with chipmunks, not necessarily these but the real kind, the ones in the wild. people like chipmunks, they can wreak havoc in your attic but we think of them as cute nut-gatherers with lightning reflexes. they do everything so fast but slow them down and something happens. they are down right alluring in slow-mo. turns out, they have been sending us not so subtle messages all these years which is why this video is so big on the web. now that we are into animal news, this cat was also big this week. you know how they are not anything like dogs around returning veterans. to the contrary, cats never like to look vulnerable or surprised. look at how twinkles notices his own cat impaneling and then quickly turns on his inner joel gray and starts forming jazz hands . there was the canadian woman that noticed and narrated a raccoon making an action film on power lines .

>> very, very clever.

>> an all-time classic puppy failure deserves another error. this is pacino is young and improving.

>>> the news has to do with maggy thatcher, sad but necessary to report. americans have a warmer memory of her than many working class brits. she is more like a meryl streep character to us but over there, because she was so tough and upended the british economy and union labor and the like, it has been a harsh couple of days since first word of her death. one website had to close down its comment section. tonight, the number one section on itunes in great britain is the wizard of oz classic, in this case celebrating the death of the iron lady .

>> for the woman who once said feminism was poison, the reaction to her death has been every bit as tough as she was.

>>> perhaps the more interesting music news came from tyeah-yeah yaz. they are touring and posted this. please, do not watch the show through a screen on your smart device or camera. put that -- stuff away. they really might be on to something here. so few people live anything in the moment or just for the moment. you see it when people meet the president, even though they will never get to live this over again, perhaps because of that, they choose to slam a device in his face or smush their face next to his and worse yet, out comes the massive ipad eclipsing anything else for miles away while they take a picture. while, of course, people are entitled to their own memories and their own devices, remember when we just went to events before we were all photographers

>>> how about some kim jong -un and how about the fact he might have been in "greece "? he played a member of the t-birds gang in a school play while studying in switzerland giving us an excuse to watch what they did to his dad in that musical number.

>> check out the female north korean soldiers sporting some heels and not the gym teacher kind. these are full-on heels which they kick up during their annual rockettes military number. it would be funny if the young leader wasn't playing around with real rockets

>>> other foreign leaders in the news, putin of russia, his face was priceless while encountered by topless protesters. most think he has had a ton of work done but he is still able to express basic emotions

>>> bloomberg of new york who famously attempted to ban large sugary drinks. he must have been confounded about the new data that says when you try to limit american serving sizes, people are induced to buy more. the author have o the study says it is not aimed at bloomberg but policymakers should take this into account. we were reminded finally of how far we have come. this almost happened. it was 1963 in "life" magazine. hugo gernsbak developed tv glasses. he was ahead of his time. the antenna made these a bill clunky. the picture was limited to this. we all thought it was great then. that's as goods atv got. while the next big thing on the way we're being told is ultrahd and samsung has one for $40,000. regular hd is now so good, pets have started watching and really noticing tv like never before, which means we get to end on this week's web video of millie, who really likes baseball.