Rock Center   |  May 03, 2013

Smartphone app promises to perform physical exams

From severe weather to hiccups to mobile medical technology to cliché tourism photos to an aviation behavioral study to the latest in comfort dog news – Brian Williams catches up on the news you may have missed this week.

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>> this week, we have an appreciation of a couple of items from the days past. specifically an appreciation of e men and women who go outside when the going get tough. the men and women who cover our weather.

>> this is --

>> when severe weather strikes the best thing to do is turn on live weather coverage on tv. s this no substitute. they are risking life and limb just to warn and inform us. just think of our friends at the weather channel . you can't keep jim cantore away from danger. same with mike seidel . he lives for it. i felt bad about this. the time when yours truly lost his grip and let mike go in a hurricane. we are both fine but looking back i wonder what was going on there? any way, severe weather . when it strikes turn on the tv as the people in houston did a few days back and they got this.

>> what you get outside of the beltway -- lightning and thunder -- i have the hiccups.

>> we are not making fun. it could happen to any of us at anytime. this guy was in a heck of a spot. all of the red arriving from the west and the hiccups arrive at the same time. but for the grace of hiccups go us all.

>> 5:36, excuse me, shower and a couple of thunderstorms in the overnight.

>> in news you can use, a new smartphone attachment in development promises to perform a physical exam. while it may lack the calming touch and soothing presence of your personal physician or our staff doctor here at nbc, this is a wonder of science and the smartphone era. they say it can measure vital signs, all the important medical categories, just about everything your own doctor can do blue river

>> thank you, doc, ever serve time.

>>> there was a cliche warning 0 the website mashable. here's the thing, everything's been done already. we narrowly survived the harlem shake . before that there was psy. actually that's david gregory . that's matt lauer . psy is just behind him. the point is since the beginning of time all efforts to be originally have gotten old. mashable warnings is for people taking vacation pictures, happy snaps. the folking have been done. don't do this to her or this. everybody pretends to push pisa. ditto crossing abby road . don't bother these guys. don't this to that. we get it. the same as the big statue and this is cute but now it has been done. in aviation news, confirmation this week of something frequent flyers have noticed for years. people are different when they are on a plane. some flight attendants will tell you people tend to cry more during sad movies in their. just try to get through "up" with dry eyes when you are up there. and sure enough this week britain's foremost aviation physician at kings college in london confirmed we are different up there. it is because of the air pressure . while pilots and flight crews are used to at this time and do their usual professional job, the rest of us are slightly impaired. the warning here is actually serious. especially for people in business. don't make any big decisions on a plane because your brain is slightly off. so the next great idea you get for a new product or a great film, a tv show , a special someone in your life, wait until you are parked at the gate.

>>> in comfort dog news and as part of our ongoing rock center campaign to have a comfort dog with a vest and a pair of loving eyes assigned to every american, we noticed this past week they are now using comfort dogs to calm stressed out passengers at l.a. it is unbelievable that air travel has come to this, but these furry heros respond wherever there's a need and what would those ridiculous air traffic delays caused by the sequester in washington, customers need to chillax at l.a.x. and elsewhere. it is possible all aspects of government might run better if everyone was assigned a comfort dog. you can try it yourself using the web video from this week of a young trainee getting a bath in the kitchen sink . add a little in ya and the week has come to an end like this broadcast and just like that you are ready for the late local news. now see how that works. what a