Rock Center   |  May 17, 2013

Pup in cap and gown graduates with owner

From remembering the man who created fish sticks, to the good news in China, to dog news, to continuity errors in AMC’s Mad Men, to a checked-out Czech president, to the SNL graduating class of 2013 – Brian Williams reports on the news you may have missed this week.

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>> at the week's news with a hip of the hat to the land mark contribution made to our nation's eating habits on this night of all nights. here we are on a friday night, and if you grew up old-school catholic that meant fish on fridays and if you grew up in our house it meant your mother loved to you and told you they were chicken fingers . they were fish sticks everyone's enter-level seafood and the man who invented them has died. e. robert kennedy ran general mills and fish sticks were his idea.

>> fish sticks .

>> reporter: and they turned in to a lightly bread gold mine for the company. some were amazed to learn that fish weren't actually shaped that way later in life. there was news on the goo front this week as this thing appeared in the street in china. people were understandably horrified by the blob. and of course the natural question became who did it and ran? but then we got the official excuse, the smelly foamy mass wasn't left there it seeped up from cracks in the street before later receding. authorities said it was a harmless liquid soil softening agent from a construction site. no one on chinese social media believed it. they will now be suppressed.

>>> in dog news, the postal service says l.a. is the worst city for dog attacks on letter carriers . okay. so that's not los angeles or a letter carrier, but how would you like it if scruffy was biting at your ankles as you are trying to deliver this week's j. crew catalog and the latest value pack. there were 69 dog attacks on workers in l.a. last year. don't get cocky san antonio and seattle. you were number two and three on the list. next week happens to be national dog bite awareness week, but please don't celebrate it at home this week with a theme party. there was news this week in continuity errors those thangs don't match in movies and tv shows like in when in "days of thunder" tom cruise is playing cold trickle and his co-star calls him his real name any way. the storm trooper that hits his head in star wars and the pirate in a t-shirt in pirates of the caribbean and the kid that knows the gun is about to go off in north by novrms floto switching sides in lord of the rings . and in brave heart heading to the dangerous horse battle why not just drive in to bat until that white car in the background? we mention this because there was a rare mistake in last week's "mad men." watch his watch. there it is. then it disappears and then it is back. and who's a good dog? his name is hero and these two kids became internet heros this week, when she, a student at the university of illinois urban that posted this photo of the two of them in cap and gown hero knows 40 commands, he turns on the lights, opens doors, pulls her a up ramps and she says she couldn't have graduated without him. that's a good dauchlg a notable public display this week as the czech president appeared checked out during a public event as in hammered, gooned, bakd. he contends he was coming down with a virus but whoa was he unsteady on his feet. he had to use the wall to stand up, barely could keep his ice open and basically greg lieu gain nis off the top of the lounge eventually landing in a chair to light a cigarette.

>> i can't figure out how the heck we lost.

>> reporter: as we head to the weekend, one request, watch snl carefully tomorrow night because it's the last time you will see this whole cast together. it's been one of the greats in the show's 38-year history. for starters, how are we ever going to find the newest new york city hot spot? the talented mr. bill hadder is departing, master of characters and there are reports of jason, and all-star cast member from the bunch and another rumored departure the versatile fred armstad on top of the fact that seth meyers will be leaving as weekend update anchor. he is replacing fallen who's moving up to replace leno. so for fans of snl it means upheaval tempered by the knowledge it is one show that has regenerated, regrown and reinvented itself before our eyes and live from new york. it will be an emotional night and emotional curtain call . ben affleck is the guest host tomorrow night for the season finale of saturday night live.