Rock Center   |  June 21, 2013

Stella! Inside the empire of Stella McCartney

Rock Center Special Correspondent Chelsea Clinton asks fashion designer Stella McCartney about the benefits and challenges of having famous parents. Stella's father, Sir Paul, explains why his daughter embraced vegetarianism at a young age, and today, uses no leather or fur in her designs.

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>>> stand by brian on one. and dissolve.

>> thank you, control room. and welcome back. we turn now to the clothing designer stella mccartney . we have wanted to profile her for some time and now we have in just time. she happens to have a famous father. well, we have one of those around here as well. so the assignment fell to special correspondent dent chelsea clinton . who has steins on a brighter future and a very proud father.

>> stella mccartney is at the top of her game. at her fashion slow last week in manhattan, she personally introduced her spring 2014 line to vogue's anna winter.

>> i'm very much like, we can do this. and somebody says, you'll never get that fabric on time. yes, we will. and even if it rains on the day of your show, we'll do it.

>> and stella invited her friends to join her in the rain. amy polar, nay ohmy watts, ma donna, and cameron diaz . her father, sir paul mccartney is arguably the most successful composing artist in history. but he understands that even a beetle's fame can be fleeting. i meet young girls, i'm expecting them to say, hey, paul, i love you. they say, how's stella ? wait a minute, i'm famous too. but they want to know about stella .

>> you're stella 's dad.

>> that's pretty cool.

>> it's pretty cool that at age 41 she's one of the world's most influential and honored fashion designers . he often attends her shows. and it's pretty cool that stella 's mother was the american photographer, musician and animal rights activist linda mccartney . she honors her mother every season with a shoe.

>> it basically was named after my mum.

>> and having famous parents means that people pay a lot of attention to you whether you want it or not.

>> i've been aware of my entire life of the benefits and challenges of having parents in the public eye and of having a notable last name.

>> it's crazy. i love getting interviewed by somebody who actually knows what it's like. can we get a drink about this and maybe a week talk about it.

>> i've never been in therapy.

>> let's do it. let's have therapy together.

>> i think that would be great.

>> i could help you, you could help me.

>> i don't think you need my help.

>> i think we need to look into each other's eyes and we're done.

>> today you can see the name stella mccartney on 25 shore stores. legions of women love her design for a reason.

>> i just love women and i sell brat them and i sympathize with them. so i design for women. i pride myself on that. do you see how her torso looks longer?

>> this is what stella always wanted to do.

>> i think i always wanted to be here. i was always that kid that wanted to be a fashion designer and now i am one. it looks straight, though. this first gr met i made with a jacket when i was 12.

>> ultra suede, black jacket, satin pink lining. i looked at that and thought that's pretty cool for a young girl . it became clear she was going to become a designer.

>> there was a lot to learn. while she was in college, she interned here in london with her father's taylor. he taught her the basic skills like how to measure and cut.

>> it takes three years to learn how to set a seam. and it's such a craft. i really wanted to learn that. i like the strength of having that feeling. when i put on a man's jacket. you know it's a different feeling. it's kind of a little more of a mass cue lynn cut.

>> in the shoulders.

>> do they look good?

>> great.

>> she earned her degree in a highly -- her graduation collection was modelled by her friends. and picked out by new york'sburg dov goodman's and other stores. after two collections of her own, she was named kree waytive director of chloe in paris. at the time, karl law gerfield said, i think they should have taken a big name. they did, but in music, not fashion zbli didn't know the politics of the industry that if some young chick from london took a job in paris that maybe it would be like noticed. i had no idea. i was so naive.

>> and after four years with chloe, she launched her own fashion house in 2001 under her own name.

>> this is purely embroidery.

>> she says she has two families, her husband and their four young children and her design team. here in her london studio , it's an endless quest to discover what will be fresh and exciting and enduring.

>> it's a bit washed out. we're looking for color.

>> all of her training issest when you see her spend 45 minutes searching for just the right shade.

>> i want to get it right. that blue that i chose is a blue that will stay with whoever chooses it forever. and i definitely don't want anyone to ever throw out a piece of stella mccartney clothing ever.

>> why would anyone? jackets for $ 1300 . and this gown for?

>> i have no idea. i know it's too much.

>> but that's a show piece. in 2005 her collection for the h and m stores sold out worldwide in record time .

>> it was a great moment. the reaction was extreme and ridiculo ridiculous.

>> whether it's ath lettic wear, kids clothing or high fax, stella , a lifelong veg tearian, uses no fur, leather, or animal skin in her designs.

>> it'sed to with her up bringing. her mom and i were on a farm once and it was lambing season . there were a lot of lambs in the field. not doing anything except loving their life. and you suddenly start thinking, what are we eating here? we were eating lamb .

>> and it could cost up to 70% more to make a pair of our shoes because we don't use fish glue or horses glue.

>> it may look like snake's skin or leather but it's not.

>> over 50 million animals get killed for fashion every year. it's about change saying that skoint work anymore.

>> for her contribution for fashion, queen elizabeth --

>> the first thing she said to me, was you seem very busy. which i wasn't expecting. and i said i'm not quite as busy as you, ma'am.

>> no matter what she told the queen, stella is actually very busy. she designs 12 collections every year.

>> i think she works too hard. i said to her after one of her first shows, i said wow, that was great. and now you get two weeks off. you going on holiday, are you? she said no we start back on the new fabrics tomorrow. it is relentless.

>> as relentless as discovering what it means to be stella mccartney .

>> it's a very interesting thing. it's very surreal in a sense. it's very deep stuff. and we'll have a drink.

>> many drinks over many years.

>> i'm here for you.

>> vice versa. thank you.

>> chelsea clinton reporting from new york and london and with