Rock Center   |  June 21, 2013

Brian Williams signs off Rock Center with a look back

In this special edition of "Rock Bottom," Brian Williams takes a moment to look back at some of Rock Center's most memorable stories.

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>> this is episode 76 of this broadcast. halloween night an appropriate way to venture into the scary realm of prime time . and if you've been with us for all of it or part of it, you know this is the portion of the night where we traditionally have driven this news division right off the rails. we've taken liberties. we've sh fun, but mostly tonight, our last night, we wanted to look back on what we believe was a very good run.

>>> and run, we did. especially the week we took the broadcast on the road covering the president. nine stops in eight states, over 39 hours, almost 8,000 miles all of it spent on mayor force one, in motorcades, no hotel rooms and no rest for the weary. we have covered a lot of ground since the start. talking seashells and boardwalks, both real and fixal. early on we had big names come to visit, john stewart was here and brought beer. steve martin brought his ban joe. and it sure looked like i was going to briefly mount betty white . regis stopped by and got in a plug for his favorite anti-inflantory.

>> advil. nice try.

>> we also herd from colbert and sore kwen and quan ven -- then at a bar in new york, i was mistaken for someone else by a guy dressed up by a woman.

>> are you stone philips ?

>> we first met ann romney and the fleets of romney boys on this broadcast. we had several turkeys cooked for us. mostly this has been a news magazine and we've covered it all with the very best in the business. bob kos tass won the only emmy ever awartded with in a phone interview . his -- we became the first news organization ever allowed to take cameras inside the white house situation room where one year after the raid to get bin law den, we assembled the people in that iconic photo of that day. right down to the president who stood with us in the same room where it all happened.

>> in that situation, you do praying.

>> tim cook of apple granted us his first tv interview as did maureen jobs and campaign for package of the dream act . we are proud when our reporting brought results. after kate snow reported on the backlog on the untested rape kitss in detroit, four million -- going pledged five mim yon to fight poeching. harry and kate also e. supposed some of the questionable practices of scientology and the school scandal. dr. nancy snyderman covered a lot of medical news from the marines of camp la shun who developed male breast cancer , and the largest viewer response we ever received followed nancy's story on north carolina 's dark history of four stairizations and legacy that endures to this day. the great ted koppel filed some of our most memorable stories all of them in koppel style. the high cost of the iraq war and the practice of sentencing teenagers to a punishment of kol terry confinement. a few months back we were handed a massive event when hurricane sandy churned all around us. we were there when the lights went out. and an curvery was there to find so little. our special correspondent chelsea clinton covered the gamut. along the journey, we witnessed several firsts. we got to make zach gal if a knack cuss laugh. we got to hear kate sing jesse's girl. we got to reach into the nbc news archive and reair a fantastic time capsule on spring break , 1962 . and then when some of our own viewers recognized themselves from back then, we went to find them to see what their lives have been like since then. it's probably been a good thing that you haven't been able to see what goes on here during commercial breaks. mostly we left it all on the field. and truth be told, we have asked our staff to do some out lan decision things. like when we need it to rain twizlers or we needed a nice young guy named jake to eat jupg food or camera or adam to drink water on camera. in the cramped confines of our news room it got rough at times. angt the staff boldly went outside even when meteor showers were in the forecast. and everyone wond dered if that was koppel in the bunny suit . tonight we will share beverages and stories and to toast the people whos, as we like to say, worked so hard to bring you this broadcast. we will also toast you for watching our broadcast. my sen sear thanks to you for watching and my sincere thanks for the people who did the work. through gunfire, long nights and time away from life and loved ones. so for one last time, that is our broadcast for tonight, thank you for being with us. and one last time, your late local news begins now.