Ronan Farrow Daily   |  February 28, 2014

Diving into the Clinton document dump

Mark Murray and Jamie Metzl join to discuss the National Archive's release of thousands of pages of documents from the Clinton presidency.

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>>> hello and welcome to " ronan farrow daily", it's friday, friday, got to get down to friday. so sorry for that. the clinton library is releases thousands of pages ever documents, let's hope i'm a fast reader. we'll have an exclusive first interview in those documents set for release and the first tv interview also with the head of planned parent hood since that group released a new strategy for the mid-term election cycle. we're going to crunch the numbers on all of your reporting on student debt crisis and put the tough questions to a big voice in that fight, kirsten gillibrand , first our headlines.

>> set to be released today, the first of more than 30,000 pages of documents from bill clinton 's presidency.

>> the documents are expected to include confidential communications between the former president and his advisers and may also include communications with former first lady hillary rodham clinton .

>> a verdict has come down in the trial of kennedy.

>> they came back with a verdict.

>> i really did have great, great lawyers and most people don't have access to that.

>> ukraine's ousted president speaking out from russia, told reporters he intends to continue fighting for ukraine's future and also blamed the west for his country's crisis.

>> drought stricken california is getting hit with a one-two punch.

>> they are going to get more than a year's worth of rain in the next 24 hours .

>> we need the rain, we don't want the mess.

>> i was stunned by this character and this time and i was -- i felt the kind of -- the responsibility of that.

>> right now, we are seeing major disclosures around two bibig political figures, this morning, 28 hours of 911 tapes from last september's lane closures at the george washington bridge . governor chris christie 's line in the subject, quote, i don't know if this was a traffic study that morphed into a political vendetta or political vendetta at a morphed into a traffic study. here's one dispatcher trying to talk to an officer in the field who called 911 to ask what the holdup was.

>> they have a new pattern, testing a new pattern of traffic from off of washington. down to one lane now.

>> in other info news, happening right now a troef of white house papers from the clinton administration being released by the clinton library , mostly as a result of freedom of information act request and nbc news is furiously working to read through the 5,000 pages, not light reading. those are what's out right now. i tried speed reading was never my thing. there's going to be a lot more to come. finer minds are working on that. this is just the beginning. in total lr 33,000 documents being released over the next two weeks. joining me to break it down is a better speed reader than me, mark murray , senior political editor . thanks for joining us. what are we expecting to find in these documents that have already been released today?

>> ronan, our understanding these are going to be memo froms form are clinton administration officials and aides to the president himself. normally this is the terrain for historians and book writers several years after a presidency has ended but it's taken on a political con dext and pundits will be looking at the documents because of the likelihood and expectation possibly that hillary clinton would be running for president in 2016 . we saw a similar kind of document die not too long ago when many reporters were looking in the diane blair papers, a former late friend of hillary clinton 's and people were looking to see what this could pore tend politically for her and whether there could be any type of mine fields . we're going to get several different documents and clinton task force and jamie mets letter who served on the security council .

>> we'll come back to him as we discuss the significance. the clinton library disclosed as mark just mentioned, they disclosed these memos will mostly be from aides, one of those aides join u.s. right now for first interview that he's giving -- when we called him he wasn't aware the library disclosed he was in the documents. jamie metsle will give us his thoughts. what do you expect to see in these documents?

>> i don't know. in any white house there are all kinds of documents and memos that go back and forth and processes for figuring out what you're going to do in the end. that process is inherently messy, you're deciding what course of action to take. it's always difficult. there's going to be a lot of things you would expect but there will be people voicing dissenting opinions and saying we should do something that we end up not doing. if people are looking at these documents trying to say was the clinton administration doing its job? i think the answer will be yes. if someone is saying, is there anything that we can raise questions about? the answer to that will answering yes.

>> you're so diplomatic. no skeletons in the closet ? was there a moment you seized up, oh, my god, not that e-mail?

>> i was just sitting in a meeting less than an hour ago and got an e-mail from you, ronan, oh, good.

>> he must be want to catch up?

>> right. i was surprised that the document referenced me or something i had written, but there are all kinds of things. i'm personally not worried. i'm very proud of the work i and my colleagues did on the national security council . and very difficult situations at the time when this document that is -- will be released or maybe already been released, we were dealing with issues of kosovo and yug slaf ya, the clinton administration took a bold position. i think we did a lot of good in that situation.

>> predictions whether there will be headlines to carry into the 2016 cycle?

>> the answer is yes. people will dig up little things and who knows what's in there. then maybe there will be some documents that aren't being released. you know the other side saying why aren't these released and there are going to be lawsuits and it will go on and on.

>> jamie , if i see you in big headlines you can come back on. thanks for joining us.