Ronan Farrow Daily   |  March 10, 2014

Syrian war’s youngest victims often forgotten

As the 3rd anniversary of the Syrian conflict approaches, many of the war’s most vulnerable victims are often forgotten: children. Sarah Crowe from Unicef discusses this week's Call to Action.

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>>> welcome back, this saturday marks the third anniversary of the syrian conflict. we're by now kind of numb to the sky high death tolls and grisly photos and ravages of this war. but too often for gotten are this conflict's most vulnerable victims, children. according to unicef , at least 10,000, 10,000 children have been killed in this conflict and those who do survive are in a living hell . 3 million children are displaced within syria , another million are refugees outside the country. most are living in squall i had camps and losing friends and family members to starvation. this conflict so often seems far away and that is exactly why the group save the children released a startling video conveying these takes in a relationship western setting. take a look.

>> i'm joined here today by sara crow from unicef and you have the numbers on this and you have the sense of what unicef needs in the field. please tell us first of all, what's the overview of this crisis? what are you hearing from people on the ground?

>> first of all, ronan, it's devastating impact on children. the numbers are astonishing, we're looking at 5.5 million children impacted by this. if you can imagine it happening here on the east coast of the u.s., that's bigger than several states children's population of several states here. it's not just about the numbers. it's about so much more than that. often it's about what you can't see and the statistics hide so much of that. in many ways, what happens to children, it's like the canary in the mineshaft, they are the first to suffer the affeeffects and last to be considered. they are the first to become ill, we're seeing devastating polio outbreak in syria . there hasn't been polio in syria for many years. universal education , 85% of the children were at school. now we're looking at 3 million children out of school. so it's extraordinary numbers and we're trying to now use new platforms as you've seen with the video to shout it out and say to the world, join us on this call to action because enough is enough. we're risking an entire generation here.

>> let's talk about that. people want to do something and we have a proposal. give me a second and i'll explain. increasingly these victims are slipping from the radar and unicef and ourselves and the u.s. government are all teaming up this week and turning to you to help stop it slipping from people's radars. that's why this week our call to action will ask people to fade out their facebook and twitter avatars. here's an example of what that looks like, all of the tools to do that will be available on ronan farrow daily facebook page. you can check in there and join this conversation. you have the opportunity to join this call now, only here on " ronan farrow daily." the rest of the campaign will launch later in the week. what is it unicef needs most in terms of resources? people will white out their avatars on social media and weigh in and we'll have a variety of polls and tools and all of that will flow from the statement. what on the ground does unicef need?

>> this is bigger than any one agency, bigger than the u.n. entirely. we've reached out to a number of different partners and using this critical mass , david beckham and more doing what you've done just now because we can now through the marvel of the 21st century join people so remote with new york and anywhere you are in the world and create this critical mass . participating in this call to action and using the facebook sites and twitter accounts to bombard the digital platforms to say stop this war before it spirals out of control. we're not talking about one country, of course, we're talking about an entire region. and the impact of that. this is the third year into this. i hope we're not going to be here in a year's time saying the same thing with this critical mess, we can turn the course of history.

>> thank you very much. that was sara from unicef . we hope all of you will check in on our facebook page and we'll have more information as this week's call to action goes on and we hope to see your avatar faded out osh social media as a starting point for an important conversation.

>>> on tuesday and wednesday nbc news will present a documentary, forgotten, syria 's children of war, going about the stories of this vulnerable population. keep an eye for that on the "today" show and "nightly news." first, nearly 30 senators are demanding action by congress and plan to take over the floor tonight all night. they are pulling an all nighter and bernie sanders is going to tell us exactly why.

>>> l. we first brought you news of this american family caught in the chaos in kiev. we'll have an update to their emotional story coming up next. don't go away.