Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 07, 2014

Ukrainian pop star: Putin organized unrest

Pro-Russian demonstrators seized government buildings in three cities over the past few days in Ukraine’s eastern region. Former Ukrainian parliamentarian and pop star Ruslana Lyzhychko  discusses the latest with Ronan Farrow.

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>> now, we move to another country in crisis, ukraine . pro-russian demonstrators seized government buildings in three cities over the weekend in the country's more ethnically russian eastern region . protesters are clashing with police in riot gear and eventually overtook buildings and hoisted the russian flag in the stiz. they have accused vladimir putin of stoking unrust and yat sen yuk said they are part of a plan to destabilize the country and bring in nor russian troops. will the protests tear ukraine apart. it is the singer and former parliamentarian, thank you so much for being here.

>> i'm so happy --

>> it's a pleasure.

>> really important moment to inform you with hot news from these region because i call to my friend and really ask people over the world, pay attention for this information.

>> let's talk about the latest beat in the story. violence and people claiming they are pro-russian demonstrators. what do you think of that claim?

>> believe me, when i call to my friend who is ukrainian citizen of my country, i'm ukrainian. and these guys, my friend ukrainian. we ask these guys, you watch right now on the future, these guys not ukrainian citizen.

>> you think these are plants?

>> absolutely.

>> from vladimir putin ?

>> i can use a picture from my music video that is why i understand putin because he organized that picture to inform everybody that it's true but putin lies every day. you have to understand it. these guys is russia who come to ukraine , organize this really bad things and nobody can stop these guys because these guys have weapons and so aggressive. and i talked to -- sometimes they don't know exactly what building is for government.

>> because they are not from there, out of towners.

>> yes, these guys tried -- and everybody knows that you have to understand it's second aggressive plan step of putin . don't sleep, don't wait, act. when i met with michelle obama and met with mr. biden, mccain, senator murphy, i informed these people you are really strong politicians, you are really strong people of the world . please, if you see that it's not enough to just promise sanction, you have to -- you have to be stronger and more concretely act, please act, economic sanction , more deeper, longer. with military mission , we need it. we don't have power. we can't -- it's about our budapest agreement.

>> you want action from the world and want them to honor their commitment to protect ukraine . i heard you sing the ukrainian national anthem incredibly beautifully at tina brown 's women in the world conference the other night. everyone in that audience stood up and flashed lights as they did in independence square , i think you brought one now because they were gripped by that spirit of revolution you brought to the table and we have them here. i will treasure mine.

>> it means if you switch with me this light, it means we are really speak about truth. we have a lot of propaganda, it's bad weapon of putin . we switch on these lights to show truth, truth about ukraine , about --

>> you were something of a beacon of truth during the initial rounds of revolution, you told a story on that stage of standing in the line of snipers, singing to mobilize the crowds. what would you say to the crowds that are in ukraine right now?

>> in ukraine right now, we have to mobilize. we have to understand that we don't have enough power -- i mean, with new government. you know, it's young team . we don't have any possibility to organize everything right for this region, which have a lot of problem right now with russia radicals but we have power. we have people power . we have people movement , against putin , unite, united for ukraine , unite for to -- to give politicians, you know, to do everything but not sleep, not do nothing. please, it's really, really bad moment. it's not about ukraine , which have really -- you know, putin destroyed my country. putin kill my country. please, don't like watch the news and do nothing. it's very, very bad situation.

>> it's an important message for the world. thank you so much for everything you bring to the table emotionally, i really appreciate it.

>> thank you.

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