Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 09, 2014

Multiple stabbings inside Pa. high school

NBC's Scott Newell discusses the latest on the stabbing incident at a Pennsylvania high school.

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>>> welcome back to " ronan farrow daily." we begin with breaking news out of pennsylvania. an attack inside franklin regional high school , 20 miles outside of pittsburgh, sent at least 19 students and one security guard to the hospital this morning. doctors say some of the teens have suffered life-threatening injuries. their wounds have been described as, quote, severe and penetrating.

>> they seem to actually almost have a pattern. most of them to the right lower abdomen and the right flank.

>> i'm an obstetrician, gynecologist. a number of these patients, their moms are our patients, these are kids we likely delivered. one thing about being a doctor that lives in the community that you serve, you can become emotional, because these are your friends and neighbors. i was proud of the response.

>> fortunately, at least six of those patients have been discharged. the suspect, a 16-year-old high school student , is also being medically treated. police say that his injuries are primarily to his hands. they also say it was school officials that helped stop the rampage.

>> how was he taken into custody?

>> again, the school principal had interaction, as well as the school resource officer who happened cuffed him and he was secured.

>> joining me right now from the ground is nbc's scott newell. scott , thank you very much. when do you think the school will reopen?

>> reporter: well, they're telling us that the school is on lockdown right now, and it should reopen no earlier than two days from now. this is a huge investigation scene, as you can imagine. they've got a lot of things to go over. they're talking to some of the students involved in this. as you mentioned, this whole thing started about 7:13 this morning. that student, that 16-year-old sophomore went through the hallway flashing two knives, and after it was all over, 19 students hurt, one school security guard . we understand that right now, that the latest figures we have are two in critical condition , several of them have been operated on. the critical have been taken to forbes hospital. we understand from doctors they expect everyone who was stabbed to pull through. so that is good news there. the suspect is in an undisclosed location right now with wounds to his hand, as you mentioned. and one of the things that is interesting, first of all, they don't have a motive yet. school officials are -- and police are also trying to figure out some reports of a phone call , a threatening phone call between the suspect and another student. we don't know which direction that call went, from one to the other. but they say they are checking that out right now. and one of the things i wanted to tell you was that during this whole thing, when somebody saw the stabbings going on, they pulled the fire alarm . although that created a lot of chaos in the students, it allowed many students to get outside, and they say that may have saved some lives.

>> we're hearing all of the patients are now in stable condition . we'll keep you updated on their status. right now, are you hearing anything about the motivations for this attack? you mentioned a phone call . is that something that might have precipitated this?

>> police are checking that out. i wish i could tell you more about that. we've been asking about it, but so far we don't know. i can tell you that several parents have been talking to reporters, and saying that they've heard from their students, their daughters, their sons, they texted them, phoned them throughout this whole ordeal to tell them they were okay. unfortunately, 19 of those students were not okay, they were taken to the hospitals. they could get ahold of family members so they could visit them in the hospital. but many are out of the hospital right now and things are moving forward.

>> it seems they will all survive as of now. thank you scott newell, appreciate you being there for us. we'll stay with the story all hour, with the latest information from pennsylvania. also, in just