Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 18, 2014

Slew of new Clinton documents released

The National Archives has released a large assortment of previously withheld documents related to the Clinton presidency. Corey Dade and Howard Fineman join to discuss this, as well as the news of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy.

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>> a political story developing right this moment out of the clinton presidential library . just moments ago that library released 7,500 pages of documents from the clinton administration . that is double the number made available including reports the middle east peace summit and the rwandan genocide and there's even a section on oprah. should make for good reading. this follows on a big day for hillary clinton yesterday. first at the clinton global initiative event in new york yesterday and event breaking the grass ceiling. they sh a moving exchange with a undocumented woman.

>> for first time publicly i want to say i'm an undocumented immigrant . [ applause ]

>> i want to say that it's been extremely difficult for me empower myself in america because i came here illegally when i was 5.

>> that was incredibly brave and i thank you for doing that. because it's important to put ourselves in other people's shoes, that's one of the big hopes i have is that we can get back to being a country where people can understand what others are going through and have empathy for it and try to help each other.

>> really heart felt moment but hitting on what could be a major campaign issue. clinton was at the event with her daughter chelsea who made news of her own.

>> mark and i are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year. [ applause ]

>> former secretary clinton 's reaction on twitter, my most exciting title yet, grandmother to be. with more now i'm joined by the contributor editor at the root and howard fineman for "the huffington post ", i'll start with you. we'll get to the baby in a moment. in addition to all of the above, there's other clinton news, she has her memoir, the title will be "hard choices", part of the press release describing the book says secretary clinton and president obama had to decide how to repair fractured alliances and address a global financial crisis . how much credit do you think she'll get in the long run for something like winding down two wars?

>> i think she'll get some. but certainly not major amounts. i think her stew ardship of the state department will be known primarily for just that word, stewardship as opposed to trail blazing or world historic alley vents. that fits in who hillary is in certain respects. hillary is not -- in spite of her role as a glass ceiling breaker in many ways, and so forth, she's thought of i think for her stability, for her smarts, for her doggedness and her sense of responsibility. and the whole history that's tumbling out now out of little rock and so forth, she brings all of that history with her. not because of any one pivot alley veevent, but her pitch will be about her service and to include everybody in that village she was always talking about.

>> the area where i think she would be seek to be seen as a trail blazer is soft power advancement, advancement of women and youth, launched an office -- i ran at the state department focused on young people of the arab spring. will the foreign policy elite buy into something of significance, that remains to be seen. cory, what do you think of the accusations that she was the most hawkish member of this administration? do you think that can help rather than hurt her?

>> i don't think it's anything that will hurt her. when you think about who her main opponents will be, there will be people on right and they hardly ever score points against democrats who have proven to be hawkish or firm on national security . barack obama 's record and winding down the war and and killing osama bin laden , et cetera , guarded him against attacks from the right about his foreign policy . coming into hillary 's potential run, i think this won't be much of a major claim. i think there will be an effort to sort of resurrect the benghazi issue, but that i think will be the focus as far as her foreign policy experience will be concerned.

>> howard, what about the timing of this book? obviously robert gates took a lot of flak for writing a insider s account of the obama administration while he was still sitting. do you thinkhe'll face the same criticism?

>> she'll fail some criticism but her desire and need is to get her version of events out there as she can. and basically summarize in her own way the history that she's lived so far. she's not a kid. she's got a past. she's got an extensive one. she has lots of experience. she's had lots of insider knowledge and power going back to when she first began the mutual ascent into national politics with bill clinton . so she's got to tell that story and got to tell it in her own way. if she's going to run because she's going to have that whole history with her. rather than have other people pick it apart piece by piece and focus on benghazi and focus on episodes with her husband, she has to tell the whole story in her way and it makes perfect sense. she may get criticism from it but she's willing to take that in exchange for laying down her own narrative.

>> i think it is something that when she began on the project made sense for her personal little on a lot of levels on terms of her forever legacy but something that's probably necessary to set the record straight politically regardless of what comes next. cory, everyone is exploding over the baby news, saying, quote, a grandchild could heighten the pole of history for clinton and the sense she owes it to the daughters of the future generations to walk the rest of the path towards becoming the most powerful woman in history. i mean, god, that's describing a lot of significance to chelsea clinton --

>> no pressure there.

>> do you think there's anything more to this story than chelsea clinton literally having a child?

>> everything about the clintons in general is subject to almost tabloidie political coverage. it gives new significance to baby bump, people think can can help her among voters. there are new polls out now showing that her old sort of favorables and unfavorables are starting to be restored now that she's out of the department of state . and her negatives are significant. and those will be issues -- those will be a vulnerability that her opponents will try to exploit. one of the knocks on her is that she is not a compassionate figure. and part of it is sexism. we tend to expect more from female politicians than we do male. so seeing her as a grandmother could potentially soften her image among some voters.

>> and also of course that moment today was very emotional and accessible. we'll see what kind of effect that has on her reputation. the poll numbers are changing rapidly, the polls you mentioned from fox news saying her popularity may be flagging slightly even as the gop is on the rise we'll look at in the coming days. thank you so much for joining us.