Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 18, 2014

Muslims in NYC fight for holiday fairness

Today’s Heroes and Zeroes: An Oregon teen is accused of urinating in a reservoir; and a fight is on to convince NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to keep his promise of closing public schools on the Muslim holiday of Eid.

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>>> we are back with our panel extraordinary air. richard and msnbc's crystal ball , and they'll be weighing in on today's heros and zeros. first up, a fight coming to a head in new york city . . that is to close public schools on the two days of ede, the muslim holiday . the mayor says he intends to keep that pledge, but he hasn't taken any action yet. with the coalition just brought together hundreds of muslims from all national backgrounds hoping yub itd front will force change. city schools close fox yom kippur . this would send a strong message to those trying to fit in. being muslim in a post-9/11 new york , comes with some obvious hurdles. accepting muslim holidays would be an easy way to send a message to more than just school students. for this, we think members of the coalition for muslim school holidays and new york politicians coming toornd their cause are our heroes today.

>> after a teenager peed in an open reservoir at a portland park. cameras that monitor the rez everybody war captured a teen relieving himself through an iron fence. sometimes you got to go. sample from that reservoir were tested approximate came back completely clean and. this is an open air reservoir. birds fly overhead. need i say more? why flush nearly 40 million gallons of drinkable water ? the water bureau for administration says there is a minimal public health risk our bottom line is the commitment to serve water that is clean, cold, and constant doesn't include pee. not from people at least. we get that the mental image of a guy urine ating into your water supply isn't a spring ad, but dumping almost $40 million gallons of good tested drinking water , while some parts of the water are experiencing droughts seems just like a knee jerk reaction and for that we're going to say portland water bureau officials are our zeros today.

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>> i will say i think it's a great idea that the muslim community in new york is uniting around this holiday. i think you know it's actually very dwil for parents when new holidays are declared, but if there was ever a good argument for it, this would be it.

>> you have been an advocate for minorities that are excluded and i assume you are thinking in this case --

>> i think it couldn't be better.

>> all right. well, thank you to both of you. crystal ball and richard.

>> thanks, roenan.

>> really appreciate it. you can watch crystal ball weekdays at 3:00 p.m . eastern time . right here on msnbc. that wraps things up for today's edition of ronan farrow daily. you can look next week. we are kicking it off with erin brockovich on monday. right now it's that wonderful time of the day, the reid report with my colleague joy reid. joy, you woke up that way.

>> oh, i love that. thank you very much. erin brockovich , that is also flawless. love it.