Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 25, 2014

Protestors wage campaign against NRA

Protestors have descended upon the National Rifle Association's annual meeting, as NRA president Wayne LaPierre laments the loss of "core" American values. Gun reform advocate Erica Lafferty joins to discuss.

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>>> daily. you're looking at the nra national convention that just kicked off. wayne la pierre is there now. other names include mitch mcconnell , rudeeo, santorum and sarah palin . also in indiana, a group of gun violence victims, their families and 100 or more mothers crying out for gun safety . let's listen in to wayne la pierre .

>> feel it in your heart. you know it in your gut. something has gone wrong. the core values that we believe in, the things we care about most are changing, eroding. our right to speak, our right to gather, our right to privacy. the freedom to work and practice our religion and raise our families and protect them the way we see fit. those aren't old values. those aren't new values. they are core freedoms, the core values that have always defined us as a nation. and we feel them. we feel them slipping away. all across america . believe me, i'm out there every week in some sort of the country. everywhere i go people come up to me and they say, wayne , and they put their head down. they go, i've never been worried about this country until now. and you know what, they don't say it with anger. they say it with sadness in their eyes. i've never been worried about this country until now. we're worried about the economic crisis , choking our budgets, shrinking our retirement. we're worried about providing decent health care , a college education for our children. we fear for the safety of our families. it's why neighborhood streets bicycles, skate boards , laughter in the air now in too many neighborhoods sit in the and silent. in virtually every way for the things we care about most we feel pro found loss. we're sold. not because we fear something is going wrong, but because we know something has already gone wrong. that's why more and more americans are buying firearms and ammunition. not to cause trouble but because we sense that america is already in trouble we know sooner or later reckless government actions and policies center consequences. when government corrupts a truce and breaks faith with the american people , the entire fabric of our society, everything that we believe in and count on, is in jeopardy. political dishonest and media dishonesty have linked together in this country, joined forces to miss inform and deceive the american public. let's be straight about it right now in this room. the political and media leads in this country are lying to us. they lied bills into law. you know that. they passed legislation they eagerly go on television and defend it. health care policies. economic policies . foreign affairs . all seem repeatedly reckless. the irs is now a weapon. a weapon to punish anyone who disagrees with them. and that means every one of you. they try to regulate our religion. they collect our cell phone and e-mail data. and they give us benghazi, "fast & furious", obama care, massive unemployment, a debt that will choke our grandchildren and one executive order on top of another. rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal the way they used to, the media leads whitewash it all. move on, they tell us. there's nothing to see here. don't worry. one of america 's greatest threats is the national news media that fails to provide a level playing field in this country for the truth.

>> all right. linking gun rights to a broader question of rights. in his words, a corruption at the trust of the american people and the government. we're going to turn for a take on this to erica lafferty. she experienced devastating gun violence and is in indiana to protest this very event. her mother was principal of sandy hook and killed during the 2012 shooting there. tell us, you're with a group of survivors there and family members who are throwing events to encourage the nra to get behind common sense gun safety reforms. what do you think can be realistic achieved by your presence there?

>> i think that we are more urging nra leadership to get behind members as well as the 90% of americans that support common sense gun laws . it is not us urging the nra as a whole. our hope is to be in the public eye . what we would ultimately like to see is leadership get behind their members.

>> when you hear wayne la pierre say, relaying the comments saying we have never been worried about our nation until now, ramping up the fear factor about this, is that fear merited? should people want to grab their guns in mentioned his profound loss. i can tell him a thing or two about profound loss. i don't think anybody will understand profound loss like i do or the pendletons do or jesse lewis's father does. those people are all here with me standing with me this weekend. i don't have sympathy for wayne la pierre 's profound loss. i don't think he is representing the group that he is supposed to be representing.

>> when you hear him link the issue of gun safety to these broader violations of trust that he talked about like the nsa scandal, and monitoring phone calls , monitoring e-mails, is that appropriate or a rhetorical slight of hand?

>> i don't find it appropriate. gun safety is very few an american issue. it's not an us and them issue. 86 people every single day are injured or killed with a gun, that's an alarming number. that's something everyone should be concerned about. i'm not here to protest gun rights . i respect someone's right to own a gun. what i'm asking for is for them to be responsible and safe gun owners . and i don't think that's out of stretch by any means.

>> the gun safety movement is centering on background checks. in the wake of newtown you intensely lobbied members of congress . you tweeted pictures of you with your mom. it seems there's actually been a slackening of gun controls, not the other way around. if you look right now, the nra is winning big victories in georgia and elsewhere. do you have any hope that the congress will find the political will to turn the trend around?

>> i think everybody knows that washington doesn't exactly move quickly. but we are absolutely just as motivated as ever. we saw huge success in connecticut, new york, delaware this year. and we're just going to take it to the statehouse and town hall meetings and do what we can do to get it passed through on the state level. we also saw big wins this year. i'm looking forward to continuing to see those throughout the years.

>> thank you for sharing your story.