Ronan Farrow Daily   |  April 25, 2014

Obama honors victims of ferry tragedy

Ronan Farrow discusses President Obama's remarks on the South Korean ferry tragedy, and reveals the top under-reported stories of the day.

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>>> is in south korea at this very hour. his second stop in a four-nation tour of asia. he began his visit there by honoring the victims of the tragic ferry accident off that country's coast. president obama participated in a brief moment of silence earlier today as he met with south korea 's president. and he expressed sympathies for the parents and the high school students lost onboard that ship.

>> i know my visit comes at a time of great sorrow for your nation. and, again, on behalf of all americans, i want to express our deepest condolences. to all the families who lost loved ones on the ferry. i'm a father of two daughters of the same age or close to the same age as those who are lost. and so, i can only imagine what the parents are going through at this point.

>> very personal take there. president obama also presented south korea 's president with a flag that flew outside the white house on the day of the ferry accident. at this hour, 181 people are confirmed dead . 121 people remain missing. and recovery efforts are continuing at the scene of that incident.

>>> all right. well, you have all voted all week and we can tell you which story is going to be crowned our top underreported story of the week. with 100% of districts reported, we predict that gerrymandering is your top choice of this week's underreported story. with a 20-point margin of victory, it wasn't much of a contest. perhaps that's because viewers like david, for example, feel so strongly about the issue. he tweeted that gerrymandering should be illegal. a radical solution and an especially tough sell given that the people who write the laws are the ones doing the gerrymandering. the problem is very real and has an enormous impact on how our voices are heard in our political process. we'll be digging into that issue next week. and that wraps things up for today's edition of " ronan farrow daily." i'll be back at 1:00 p.m . eastern time all next week right here on msnbc. but first, it's time for a day moment everyone savers. yes, it's joy reid. hello, you're in chicago.

>> and the internets love it.

>> the internets love us.

>> my favorite part of the day, too. i wish you were here to hang out