The Last Word   |  October 12, 2010

Rescue capsule reaches miners

Rescuer Manuel Gonzales has reached the trapped miners, and was greeted by cheers from the trapped men. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> there we go. he's there. they're celebrating right now. people are clapping. he's made it. and i think we have a shot from down below. there it is. look at this. amazing. it is arriving as we look at it. there it is. the capsule entering the chilean flag , the folks are singing the national anthem . this is it. there it is. oh, my goodness. everything they said that they were going to do appear to have worked. i think this shows us why the technicians at the top had such confident looks as this capsule first entered the earth. there it is. let's see if we can determine who that is that's walking over. that's one of the miners. i think you'll notice that the weather down there's a lot warmer than on the surface. you can tell just by the way he's looking. let's watch this door open. they were having problems with the door before. let's see if they've overcome those problems now. here we go. stunning. there it is. [ clapping ] look at that. look at the smile. the hugs. there we go. 33 heroes greeted by the first man they've seen in 69 days arriving from the surface. it's just amazing. you know, we talk about all the technology. i'm stunned by the fact that we can actually watch this with that camera down below. and you hear those cheers for chile, chile. if you look at the men that are being -- look at them. their arms are up. if you look at men, every one of them is thinner than they were before. on average they've lost about 20 pounds through this