The Reid Report   |  February 28, 2014

The economics of progress

The forces of intolerance in Arizona were no match for the combination of persistence, outrage, and economic pressure. Can the same strategy be used to advance other progressive issues? Joy Reid talks about what happens when outrage meets organization.

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>>> i've not heard one example in arizona where religious other thanes business liberty has been violated. the bill could result in unintended and negative consequences. after weighing and you of t ining all of t he arguments, i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago.

>> in this week we got an object lesson in what happens when outrage meets organization. the forces against the arizona law that would have provided a legal defense to businesses that choose to discriminate against lgbt americans were more than just moral forces. they were also economic. governor brewer announced after 9:00 p.m . wednesday that she would veto sb 1062 . but that morning, the hispanic national bar association announced that it was canceling its 2015 convention in phoenix because of the proposed law . business and tourism groups in arizona had good reason to worry they would only be the first. also on wednesday, the phoenix business journal reported that arizona is among four states in the running for a $5 billion battery giga factory tesla motors is looking to build which could mean up to 6500 jobs. the journal's piece noted that the california based company was making its decision as jan brewer decided to veto senate bill 10622 and it notes that economic developers worry the bill will discourage high tech and manufacturing companies from landing in arizona . and as the list of businesses and organizations grew and grew, not to mention the spector of potentially losing the chance to host the super bowl next year, an unnamed republican member of congress told nbc news on wednesday afternoon about the governor, i think she'll vee foe it. it sounds like others are saying that, as well, but i think all of us just wish she'd do it sooner rather than later. there is nothing to be gained by waiting. the way this rolled out, it will likely lead to boycotts and everything else that we've seen before in arizona and don't need anymore of. eight hours laters s, she did veto it. the forces of in-toll retolerance were no match for economic pressure. same lesson we learned in the fight against the original jim crow . so who is ready to go again on gun control, immigration reform and the right to vote? anybody? that wraps things up for us. it has been incredible first week. thanks for the entire crew here in the studio and as well as the report family. we will be back next week at 2:00 p.m . eastern. the cycle is