The Reid Report   |  March 11, 2014

Women to watch in 2014

Joy Reid and Emily’s List president Stephanie Schriock discuss the races to watch in 2014, including governor’s races in Texas and Wisconsin where Wendy Davis and Mary Burke, two Democratic women who are challenging incumbent governors.

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>>> okay. so we just told you all you thought you ever wanted to know about the special election in florida, but wait. there's more. if elected, alex sink would be the 100th woman in congress. the past two years several elections so there is momentum building, and republicans know it. that's why the gop and outside groups are pouring those millions into david jolly's campaign against alex sink or why the campaign against wende davis in texas is so vicious. 2014 is a huge map for women candidates, and they are carrying some of the democrats' biggest races. that means republicans are going to have their hands full, especially if the war on women both at federal and the state level motivates female voters, particularly single women voters arnd the country in states like texas, kentucky and georgia. so while the talk around women candidates is pretty much all about hillary 2016 we'd rather focus on the women to watch in 014. and to do that i'd like to bring in stephanie schriok, president of emily 's list which is a progressive group focused onc women to office. thanks for being here, stephanie.

>> thank you.

>> i want to start off where we left off in the last segment, alex sink , hit for his support for overturning roh moo-hyun and says he personally opposes paycheck fairness. do you want to make a prediction on whether that will help alex you. we can already see it in the early vote. women are coming out strong for alex sink , and it is -- it is about women ' it's also about david jolly's dismissal of the idea of equal pay . he is someone, like the publican parjust continues to want to move the clock backwards on women and families, health care , equal pay , economic opportunities and this race is about issues, and i'll tell you the women are going to decide it, and alex sink i believe by the end of tonight is going to be the 100th woman in congress, as you said,iously playing in some of these congressional races. are you also looking at some of the statewide races, too, because as you know it's very important down the ballot, not ju statewide. is emily 's list getting involved there as well?

>> absolutely. joy, you're so correct. we're engaged in six governor's races this year. wisconsin. that is a huge, huge race for us this year at emily 's list, and if you would like to look at the candidates, check emily ' we have all of their profiles, just fantastic. but in wisconsin we have mary burke running against governor scott walker . i've got to tell you. you've ge. mary's got a real shot here to defeat him, stop him now right away, particularly since we know governor walker has his sights set on road.

>> i mean, on the other side, of course, republicans have made a -- at least they have said they would like to improve their appeal to women voters. haven't seen a l at recent events like cpac, didn't see a lot of women there. when emily 's list is marketing out there, is there a lot of hunger among republican women to see more women on their side, and does emily 's list speak to that?

>> emily 's list is solely focused on office, and we do that because the democratic party stands for economic opportunity for women and families. the problem with today'series of policy decisions and commitments to their base to roll back the clock on women 's health care , on talking about economic opportunities. i mean, this is what women need in this country. they need a fair shot. we're not asking for a handout. we're just asking for a fair shot, and the republican party just keeps missing the boat on this, and until they change their policies women voters are not going to move and moderate republican women are going to continue, i believe, moving towards democratic candidates.

>> well, let's talk about some of the specific issues that in your view motivate women voters because one of the things you'll hear a lot about on the right, things like eborings issue don't move voters, that they are more important to pro-life people than they are to people who protect the right to choose and that, you know, perhaps when we in getting he woman, that's not non-traditional mid -- term women voters to come out?

>> well, access to health care access to health care is incredibly important to women and their families and we'll continue seeing that being a top puzzle is about economic opportunity. we keep at emily 's list talking about equal pay . that is tied into minimum wage . you know, the massachusetts majority of folks who are receiving minimum wage today are women . women who are trying to raise families on a wage that just isn't going to make it day by day . this is what american women are facing every single day, and when they are looking for candidate, they are looking for candidates who are going to stand by them, who understand what they are going through which is one of the reasons i believe that we've had such great success at emily 's list at recruiting great women to run for office this year and the enthusiasm and the momentum that is building in florida '13 with alex sink , all the way to the senate race, michelle nun and i can keep going and going. what we're seeing is a momentum building for strong democratic women candidates because women across this country see women candidates bringing the right judgment and right priorities to the job.

>> certainly see a lot of candidates out there in see