The Reid Report   |  April 30, 2014

Poll: Americans remain deeply distrustful

Joy Reid discusses the fact that most Americans “share a broad distrust of everything,” as evidenced by a new Wall Street Journal poll.

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>>> the newest nbc/" wall street journal " poll is out and good news! americans are still completely confused. really can't stand the tea party . are dissatisfied with president obama and are basically cool with hillary clinton because she's not actually running anything right now. as if to boil our confusion down to a single data point. when asked which party they prefer to be in control of congress, the people spoke and basically said, who knows. it's 45-45. for those 10% who aren't sure, i'm wondering what they do all day? the reality is, what people say they want and the political choices they actually make are often totally contradictory. the majority of respondents in the poll say the economic and political systems are stacked against, quote, people like me. they believe that because of the growing income gap , america is no longer a country where the regular joe can get ahead. sounds like they'd like to have democrats in charge. they're proposing raising the minimum wage and preserving the social safety net . americans also want to be less active in world affairs while at the same time having a president who projects a global image of strength. that kind of sounds like rand paul. most disapprove of president obama 's approach to foreign policy and also think he takes a balanced approach to foreign affairs rather than being too cautious. which of course makes absolutely no sense. if there's one consistent thread in the poll, we are a country that's characterized by a broad distrust of everything. none of our traditional institutions inspires confidence, not big corporations or political leaders or faith institutions. even the military is under 50%. will the economy get better or worse? who knows. most of us think it's just going to stay the way it is. was the health care plan a good idea or bad? mostly bad but also mostly it just needs minor fixes, not repeal. while most americans believe the economic conditions are something president obama inherited they blame him for not fixing it. perhaps the most telling number in the polls is this one. 56% of us say that we have just enough money to maintain and another 22% are falling behind. just one in five say they're getting ahead. what's amazing is that six years into the obama administration and with republican and democratic parties that are as opposite on every issue and proposed remedy that they possibly could be, people just aren't sure which party they think should be in charge. it's a pretty grim picture. before we can change it, the american people need to focus and make up our minds. and that wraps things up for "the reid report." i'll see you here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m . eastern. be sure to visit online. "the cycle" is up next. what is going on today.