Thomas Roberts   |  May 06, 2013

Is Obama a lame duck?

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts is joined by a political panel to discuss President Barack Obama’s agenda, immigration reform and the future of gun legislation.

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>>> juice to get the rest of your agenda through this congress?

>> if you put it that way maybe i should pack up and go home. as mark twain said rumors make me a little exaggerated at this point.

>> president obama nearly one week ago today. pushing forward with our agenda, is the president a lame duck? big week for immigration reform . as the nra is clinging to the gun will gun legislation get a second shot? we have creator of political iron and author of the book "you won, now what?

>> and we have joan walsh and msnbc political analyst as well as the author of "what is the matter with white people ?" i am excited about our panel. joan , there is a fresh piece up by you talking exactly about whether or not we are witnessing the lame duck dynasty of president obama . you say obama 's real leadership challenge is democrats. the president must rally progressives. are progressives that fair weather ?

>> i don't think progressives are fair weather but i thought there was a lot. he did not help himself with that press conference. he sounded tired. the larger issue is he can't work magic with republicans. he can't change their desire to filibuster him and keep him from having his agenda. he can work more with progressives. the faa, the whole faa fix was really undermining the whole democratic strategy on the sequester.

>> we are going to work on that audio you. we will work on that. he has really more than 250 days, considerably left to really get something done with some pressure before we start to get total mid term concentrated. is it fair to say that the president has lost the steam there and as we point out a lot of the times the white house press conferences is more about the reporter's questions than the president's answers.

>> there is a disconnect between what obama is doing and what he needs to do. as joan indicated in a piece today it is not just that obama needs to -- he needs to speak to his base a little bit more. as senator pat toomey said gun control wasn't going anywhere because obama supported it. that is just a fact. if he can't get things through a republican house or a republican votes in the senate he needs to do something else which is speak positively to the base and speak about what he wants to do and how he is going to rally the troops and take the issue to the mid term elections . as he spoke at the ohio state university this weekend he talked about the importance of people getting engaged in the political process. i think that is what obama needs to do right now. if he cannot move the republican congress .

>> they have a lot more to pivot off of after this weekend with the nra . joan said we should kill your audio as a practical joke . you will have to take it out on them. from the nra meeting over the weekend, some of the highlights that the democrats might be pivoting off of this week. take a look.

>> we will never surrender our guns, never.

>> we must never confuse winning a battle with winning the war.

>> president obama demanded that followers extract revenge. i can't remember a president publicly using that word against fellow americans .

>> this president flying in grieving parents on air force one, making them back drops in his perpetual campaign style press events.

>> is this something after looking at that montage put together some of the highlights from the nra , is that something progressives can utilize to reinvigerate the gun reform conversation that needs to continue in this country?

>> i think so. i think what has been interesting when we had the background check vote that failed is that it is not going away. and i think it is a really interesting test of just how powerful is lobbying? is the nra so powerful that you can take an issue where 90% plus of americans believe one thing and push congress in the other direction? and i think the power of the vote and what we have seen since the vote happened with senator in new hampshire and other people feeling the political pressure combined with the background of some of the things we have been hearing at the nra convention and things that seem out of the mainstream of where americans are, what wins out. i think over the next few weeks we are going to see.

>> i want to show everybody the press coverage. take a look at this. the image of a dad and his young child speaks for itself. you have an instructor that is giving tips to families about where to put guns in their homes with kids. i want to play that for everybody. take a listen.

>> if that alarm goes off and the dog starts barking, what is the instinct that most people are going to have in regard to having to run across the house to get the gun and run over here? and if i am going to go with the kid anyway and i have an extra gun and extra safe why not put it in their closet.

>> why not put it in their closet? you are shaking your head.

>> my daughter's grown now. if only i thought of that when she was younger. i can't believe. i feel like a terrible mother.

>> now you have empty nest syndrome and you can put that in the sewing room.

>> in the dog's room. these people are a cult. they are a fringe cult. what has happened is that democrats got soft on the issues and they decided to seed all of the territory to the nra and decided gun control was too dangerous for them. now they are getting back in the game. the defeat was defeated by 54 votes of support, the defeat was a wake up call how hard this is going to be and how tough this side has to be. and i'm glad to hear them saying they are going to bring the bill back. they have to keep doing it.

>> if we don't get ahead of where we stand with background checks and the types of weapons we allow on the street we will not need to go out to the local store to buy one. we can print it. the new york post showing the printer and guns. you can print your own plastic gun at home. this is just amazing. and they have tested this plastic gun in the states now. it works. it fires. judd, when we look at this, is it just amazing to think that while we are having this background check battle over what is logical for someone to have a gun, now we will have to think about who can buy printers in this country that can make that type of weapon.

>> 3-dprinting technology is going to revolutionize not only guns but all manufacturing. there is the negative side of it which is you might have people making weapons but there are positive sides where we might not have to outsource so much of our manufacturing. i think that technology adapts and changes and it adds a really complex wrinkle to the entire debate. you can't produce an automatic weapon with a 3-d printer.

>> you think this reinvigorates the conversation and potentially a second vote coming up.

>> if you look at the nra convention this weekend, not a single democrat spoke at the that convention. democrats have the ability to make nra make the r stand for republican and not for rifle. if they can link republicans to the nra and to some of the extreme rhetoric that you hear out of the convention and you hear quoted the democrats might be a able to get this thing through.

>> i want to say thanks to our agenda panel today. it was all of these guys here that messed with your audio. not us. you will find a link to this segment after the show on my website page. thanks